moments in the mommyhood - me & my girls

we had a great weekend. not a ton of sleep (surprise, surprise) but a good weekend nonetheless. we got into the xmas spirit and did some fun holiday stuff around town, had dinner with friends and i even got some sewing and knitting done! it's a christmas miracle...haha! not enough to be done, but enough that i got a tad bit more accomplished. i see many late nights ahead this week so some of the posts this week may be up later in the morning.

i also got to go out for lunch without the kiddos - now that was fabulous.the hubs had his exam on friday (thanks for all of your well wishes) and boy was it nice and relaxing to have him home and to have the much needed help again. we sure missed having him around all the time. we are looking forward to christmas break with him.

when putting my xmas cards together the other week i realized i had hardly any pics of me with the girls since the early fall so here's some for you all. we went for a late walk along the ocean last was gorgeous with the full moon and blue sky at dusk. thought it would give you all a little taste of where we live. oceans and mountains. i doesn't get much better in my book :)

hope you all had a good weekend. what did you get up to? are you going to be up late crafting this week like me? happy monday!