sneak peek

this pic captures the chaos and also hilarity of my life the last few weeks. the never ending pile of laundry, the funny faces, the baby getting into mischief, me battling the xmas deadline, the decision to rearrange the living room, no sleep and all of us hinging on that fine line of laughter that comes when you are so exhausted and stressed that you just can't help but laugh at your situation. i'm just glad the hubs and i can still see the joy and the humour in our situation, it just makes it that much easier to handle.

in spite of my lack of sleep and huge pile of to do's i weirdly started a tutorial today and darn that went and ran away on me. the light left and brought on the evening sky. so no more pics for me. picture me sweating from racing from the sewing machine to the ironing board and to the spot i take pics in our condo with the best light all while praying the baby won't wake up (which she did) and the toddler won't mess up my shots (which she did). it was nuts. my manual camera skills were put to the test that's for sure. i got most of the shots i needed but not the most important one - the finished product! yep, darn is right.

so this is just me saying i hope you all got some sleep last night and stay tuned for a fun little tute that will make a fabulous last minute xmas gift! any guesses?

how you feeling today? you with some of us moms who are living off coffee but are also almost too tired to even drink it? what do you do to keep going on those days you could fall asleep standing up? any tips? miracle workers? let's share :)