moments in the mommyhood - coastal life

(don't y'all just love my pose? we call that my "kelly rippa" in my house and yes, i'm a loser..hahaha)

i've been trying to give you guys a bit more pics to show you a bit of how gorgeous the scenery is here in victoria right now. when the blue sky is out and the sun is shining there's nothing better for us than a stroll along the beach with good friends and of course, coffee. we had a good visit with friends who came to stay with us. there was a lot of wii playing, or should i say showdowns. we discovered that mack has a talent for bowling and golf on there and even beat her dad the first time she played. i got to go out for breakfast (my fave meal to eat out) for the first time since before harper was born. it was fabulous and as yummy and fun as i remember and i even got some knitting & sewing done too! it felt like a mirage!

a bit thanks to all the commenter's on friday's post, you guys gave me so many tips for organizing my knitting needles - wowsa! i could hardly keep up! i cannot wait to try them all out and see what i can come up with. i'll make sure to do a post to show you what system i decide on. i ended up finally reorganizing the gazillion of pages that i rip out of my house & home and style at home magazines and putting them into a binder. i used the clear sleeves and labeled them by room and by topic so now i can have easy access to the eye candy i want to save. i also redid my inspiration board...oh how i love doing that. fresh pictures, new colors and lots of lovely things to drool over while i'm sewing.

i also cannot tell you guys enough how much i am in love and addicted to the fab site the amount of space & time this site saves me is crazy! it's like having room upon room of inspiration boards and nobody will ever tell you that you have too many. it's so much fun and now instead of bookmarking all the goodies i heart online i just pin them into my inspiration boards. come join up! if you do you can find me under "luvinthemommyhood".

what did you get up to on the weekend? any organizing going on in your house for 2011? did you get any sewing/knitting done? what did you make? happy monday - let's chat :)