moments in the mommyhood - kisses & cable

i ventured out of the house on friday, sickness and all to hang at the park, share some kisses, play in the mud and ponder our cable situation.

a while back i did a post on the option of cutting cable in our house. we talked and talked about it and almost did it but then didn't. there were a few boring reasons why we didn't. one of them was so i could watch young & the restless late at night when everyone else is sleeping..i confess. it's shamefull i know - i blame my mother. she hooked me on it. but i found a way to watch it directly online everyday in HD now so i can't use that for an excuse anymore!

another reason was that netflix had not made it to canada. it's here! so we're back to the good ol' cable debate. to cut or not to cut...that is the question. we're all set up and nothing is stopping us. so why am i scared and feeling weirdly attached to my cable all of a sudden? the idea of not being able to flip and watch a huge variety of shows is making me sad. weird. we can pretty much watch all the shows we love via streaming online, netflix and downloading - so why the need for cable?

i'm loving netflix by the way. any of you who haven't tried your free trial yet go for it! it's fabulous! the canadian one is adding new movies & shows all the time. i'm especially digging all the bbc shows. i love me some good british humour. also the amount of children's shows is fantastic. all mackenzie's faves are on there and the bonus - no commercials! i hate commercials on kid's channels. there's also new movies, tv shows and also classics. i love old movies too so i was thrilled to see those...almost as thrilled as i was to see tv series like "thirtysomething". does anyone else out there remember that show? yes...i'm that old..hahaha.

so have any of you out there cut cable and regretted it? missed it? does the withdrawal go away? do you love not having it? i wanna hear your thoughts. happy monday, let's chat :)

p.s. i know there is a netflix ad on the sidebar but this post was in no way endorsed or solicited by netflix..just so ya know :P