inspiration in unexpected places

we've had some sleepless nights's knocking on wood they end soon, but in the meantime here's some pics of our visit to the local victoria butterfly gardens. so fun! i could have sat in there in the warmth taking pics and having butterflies land on my head all day. only thing i regret is not taking my good camera with me. it's too big to handle sometimes when i have harper in the carrier - she's always grabbing and pulling at it. so next time i's gonna be all about the pics. i felt so inspired by all the color and patterns in all the butterfly wings, plants, fish and tropical life in there. i honestly didn't expect to feel that way. i just wanted to sit down with a sketchbook and draw out some designs and ideas that popped into my head for all sorts of lovelies. it was so inspiring. i love the unexpected pops of pink and yellow. who knew butterflies could do that to a girl?

have you found inspiration in an unexpected place recently? here's to sleep filled nights :)