pyrex is good for the soul

i learned a little pyrex lesson on the weekend. see the pretty dish above? well i got all excited when i spotted it smiling at me at one of my fave local haunts. i brought her home (priscilla primrose - her name), cleaned her up and placed her in her new home. i then, all giddy like, went online to find out which series she is from. i hunted and hunted and hunted...nothing. i couldn't find a darn thing.

an hour later and with no success i finally spotted a pic of one only to find out that priscilla isn't pyrex....she is fire king. oops. maybe next time i should actually look at the bottom of the dish when buying them? no worries though, fire king is just as pretty and i almost love her more..haha. she's very sturdy. i will definitely be on the lookout for more of this series in town. what's the moral of the story....when thrifting for pyrex always check the bottom :)

since i know i am not alone in my love for vintage kitchenware and pyrex i thought i would put together a little linkfest of all of my fave places to online to find my daily pyrex fix because you know one can never have enough pyrex. it's good for the soul. brightens the day and always brings a smile to one's face :) here's a few of my faves from my pinterest board for pyrex.

doesn't that feel good? is it rainy, snowy, gloomy or cold where you are? i hope the pics above add a little sunshine to your day! oh and here's a pic of the vintage pillowcases i scooped on last weekend too.

my fave pyrex resources:

pyrex love
pyrex collective
in color order - the pyrex series
the pyrex files
pyrex in the UK

flickr groups:

from kitchens past - the vintage kitchen
pyrex love
you can find a list of other pyrex groups here.
fire king

- also etsy and ebay are other great resources for pyrex and fire king.
- you can also find me on flickr here and on pinterest here.

do you adore pyrex too? what is your fave series? which ones are you coveting? do you have a favorite resource online for your pyrex fix? let me know in the comments below or on our facebook page and i'll add them in to the post. happy tuesday!