a little about me, a little about you

every once in a while i get the urge to pop one of these fun "a little about me, a little about you" posts on the blog. i love hearing more about you guys so join in! just copy and paste the questions and fill them in on your own blog post. if you decide to do one, leave me a comment with the link so i can come read it and learn some more about you as well! i don't know about you guys, but i love these things. they are fun, c'mon, just admit it, it's a great way to learn a little about each other. here we go:

a dress for my friend's daughter sadie
Cooking : a cup of peach passion tea

Drinking : pellegrino..yummm!

Reading: Modern Top Down Knitting and Mockingjay

Wanting: a new casual dress perfect to throw on with my fave pair of boots

at my baby girl asleep in my arms
Playing: hide & seek with Mackenzie

time wishing I had more of it
Sewing: a quilt for Harper

Wishing: my family lived closer

Enjoying: that I got to go out to a knit night on the weekend

Waiting: for my hubby to get home from work
Liking: the fact that i got a lot of sewing in today even though my she-devil of a sewing machine tried to deter me

Wondering: when i'll be able to find a bed to replace the broken one we're sleeping on

Loving: the way my 10mth old baby girl blows me kisses and rubs my back when she hugs me

: that i can finally decide which sewing machine i want to buy

Marvelling: at how quickly my girls can mess up my just cleaned house
Needing: some more fabric...one can never have enough fabric, yarn or shoes right?

Smelling: my cup of peach tea

Wearing: hubby's baseball tee and yoga pants

Following: american idol

Noticing: that my baby is going to be 1 in 2 months!

Knowing: that so far I haven't made a mistake on the dress I'm sewing. crossing my fingers it stays that way :)

of how excited I am to see my family coming to visit soon
Bookmarking: all of your fab crafty tutorials!
Opening: my knitting bag to get a few rows in before bed
Giggling: over Harper running - so adorable!
Feeling: tired (what a surprise)

yippee!! i'm done! that was fun! c'mon....join in on the fun - you know you wanna!how about we sit down together and enjoy one of these delicious goodies? doesn't this look positively evil? not sure what's gotten into me. i'm a salt person but lately all these sweets floating around blogland have had me drooling up a storm!

are there any questions you would love to know about me? ask away in the comments below and if enough of you want to know a bit more about lil'ol me, i may just put together a fun little post about it answering all your questions.