moments in the mommyhood - kickin'it

i love that her little feet and the ball are in the air!!!

we hit up the park yesterday. yes, that's right...i went to the park. a few of you may know i dislike going to the park. i haven't entirely worked out the full reason yet... i guess i'm still traumatized by hanging out at parks so much when mackenzie was a baby by myself when i knew absolutely nobody in this city. it was depressing. there's always a tinge of loneliness to a park now if i go with just the girls. i just can't seem to get over it but i'm working on it. bringing 2 there is a lot more fun though. i actually had a good time yesterday. we played some soccer, swung on a rope swing, went in the real swings, looked at flowers and just played. chalk one up on the good mommy scale for me..haha, i needed a bit of a parenting boost.

our weekend was busy, busy. the hubs worked all day saturday so the girls and i were solo and it was not a good parenting day for me. i have to admit my poor boobs were getting me down with the lack of good bras in my house. my tops weren't fitting right and i was just having an all around, i need a shower, i look like crappola day.

saturday did get better though as i got to go out to a knit night that night. now seriously, i had the best time. i's a knit night right? well it was prolly one of the most fun nights i've had in a very loooooong time. a few of us crafty ladies got together at a local cafe that is open late for a knit night. best part is they have live music play at night and the bands that night were great! we had great conversation, lots of laughs, knit a lot, ripped out a lot of our work due to the laughing and chatting and just had fun. the old wood table was covered with wool, needles, projects and tea and i sadly forgot my camera. hopefully i can get some shots this sat if i make it out. i actually called my hubby to say i was staying out later than planned. i was living on the knitting wild side! i even ripped out a huge triangle from the hat i was making due to clapping to the band with my knitting sticks...eeek! not fun. after i rescued those stitches (along with a friend's help-thanks rebecca) i then messed up my pattern again and had to rip out 6 rows!!!!!!!! what a goof. lesson learned. bring an easier knitting project to knit group.

here's a shot of the adorable knitting bag i've been using that one of my longest readers - buffy made for me and sent as a nice little gift. this has been my go to knitting bag and came out with me to knit night as well. she's got a pattern folks and pretty soon she'll be sharing it with us all! isn't that fabric so adorable?? the inside is little birds..i just adore it! thanks buffy!!!!!!!! luv ya!

what was the best part of my weekend? i got some mommy alone time. knitting night on sat, exercise class with the Slovakian she devil on sunday morning and a trip to the mall that afternoon to hunt down a bra. guess what......i found one! i'm trying to remain optimistic. i have now been in about 6 stores and found 1 bra....sad....but 1 is better than none. i found it at la senza. that is usually where i buy all my bras, for some reason they fit me the best and have what i'm looking for. i had to dig through all the drawers this trip though and tried on about 45 bras no lie. the poor sales girl. all in all i think i counted that i tried on, on average, about 30 bras per shop, so around 180bras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is insane. insane.

i also scooped and found a great pair of jeans for $19.99 and a top for $10!!!! wowsa! after ordering my dream jeans from the gap and having to return them and then going in the store to only find myself looking like someone wearing "mom jeans" in their skinny styles i was feeling defeated that i was just going to have no luck finding what i was looking for. but poof...just when i had given up the jeans found me when i wasn't looking for them and for a way cheaper price.

how was your weekend? did you get any knitting or sewing done? any shopping successes or failures happen to you recently? let's chat! i've got some tea on, coffee's brewing and mmmmm...i've even got some homemade muffins that are nice and yummy.(thanks for the recipe amy) i know...baking again..what is up with me? trust me, i have no idea either but i'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.