neighbourhood clean up

Source: via Maya on Pinterest

remember when i told you all a few weeks ago that i've got another surprise for you all? well....that surprise is a fun new look for the mommyhood! that's right! the neighbourhood is getting a clean up of sorts. the mayor finally elected us some of the budget to do some big time clean up for the mommyhood. no more bumps in the pavement, more flowers/plants on the roads and our little town will be much easier to navigate.

it's so fun to be able to have someone help make what i see in my mind be put on my computer screen. this blog was started 2 years ago and it's undergone a few style changes here and there but has mostly stayed the same much to my chagrin and many hours of studying html and css. i just don't have the computer savvy skill set to do what i envisioned and function the way i would like it to when i first started luvinthemommyhood.

so please bear with me and my fabulous designer rachel from the ironwood design studio as we get to work prettying up the mommyhood. rachel is honestly the best. i cannot tell you how much i love her blog "lovely clusters" and her style and aesthetic. i always know when somethings been done by rachel. it's been my goal for a while to get her to help revamp the mommyhood and i'm super excited that my little dream is coming true. she has been soooooo patient with me and i mean patient. it's been tricky to find just what i envisioned in my head. so i hope you all like it as much as i do. i'll be writing more about rachel stay tuned. in the meantime go check her out here on lovely clusters and here on ironwood design studio.

i want this to be a fun, inviting, cheerful yet calming and inspiring place to come and visit where you can take a break from the chaos we call mommydom, sip your coffee and tea, chat with other moms, have some crafty fun and as my pal amy likes to say...."get your brain latte".

so bear with me while the the mommyhood get's some much needed tlc. i can't wait for you all to see my little dream become a reality :)