moments in the mommyhood - little faces & a winner

i couldn't resist showing you all what i've been staring at in awe alot lately. i mean, seriously, how did she get to be almost 1??? i feel like i went to sleep one night with a newborn and woke the next day with a toddler! it's friggin frightening! i'm sad but happy at the same time. i'm still having a hard time saying goodbye to all things baby. i love that newborn stage and the time between 0-6mths. my favorite stage. i'm sad that i'll never get to experience that again. i keep turning into a blabbering fool every time i have to pack up her baby clothes and realize they will never again be worn by my babies :( i can't seem to part with them. i think my hormones are out of control..haha. i've got "i'm done having babies but still can't stop crying about having another one fever".

of course it doesn't help that harper is pretty much running sprints around the house, talking, and getting into all sorts of mischief. i miss the days of her laying in momma's arms for hours just staring up at me with love. i miss the calmness. now it's all fun & chaos & rambunctious laughter - which is good too, don't get me wrong, but damn i love those little baby snuggle moments. like these:

ok...i'm getting misty eyed. i better stop before i fill this whole post up with random pictures of harper's rise to toddlerhood. they are cute though...and of course then there is mackenzie. she's turning 4 next week. wth?! when did that happen too? i feel like some days when mack is at preschool that it's actually her home with me and not harper it's like weird dejavu. too much coffee and too little sleep i tell ya :P

ok, ok, i'm moving on. i know you are all dying to know who the winner is sooo....the winner of

the make it perfect sewing pattern giveaway is............................

sue said... [Reply to comment] 186
drool... love her patterns! especially downtown boy,
uptown girl and sprout - a dress with a hood!

yippeee! congrats sue! i'll email toni you're info and she will be in touch! check out sue's blog "polliwogs in bloom" too for some crafty fun!

i hope you all have a wonderful, restful, inspiring, crafty & laughter filled weekend! any of you blubbering along side of me about your little ones getting older or is really just me & my messed up hormones? see ya on monday :)