i've got a thing for tea...

ok, you all know i've got a thing for tea. i know a lot of you do too. remember tea cup month? so fun! well i got super excited when i heard that kathreen of "whipup" had chosen tea & sew as her theme this month for her super fabulous e-mag 'action pack: a mini mag for kids who want to do stuff'! i love the whole premise!

it's perfect timing for mother's day and all things spring/summer & tea! learn how to sew a tea cup & jam tarts, brew your own tea & bake tea cookies, learn how to dye fabric with tea, make your own tea cozy and more! "this ‘tea & sew’ themed issue contains instructions & printables for a busy afternoon or two of tea drinking, cooking and sewing: lots of experimenting with flavours, sewing, dyeing and baking." there's also even the perfect project for mother's day included!

kathreen created 'action pack' with the idea of "inspiring kids to be creative, to develop and nurture healthy habits, and to feed inquisitive minds, and challenge imaginations". ‘target="new"action pack’ is designed for busy parents and creative energetic kids. needless to say i love it and this month's issue does not disappoint.

kathreen's even got something special for all you luvinthemommyhood readers just in time for mother's day. pick up your copy of 'action pack' and get 20% off!!!! wowsa! great deal ladies! it's valid for 2 days so get yours now! 'action pack' is only $5 (what a steal), is ad free and delivered right to your inbox in a gorgeous pdf! just enter this code at the checkout here:


i have one and i plan on making/creating everything in it with or without my kids....haha, you're never too old to play right? so get crafty this spring! may is the perfect month for letting your imagination go wild with images of all things tea! happy sipping!

have you all bought action pack yet? what's your fave tea craft to make with kids? do your kids have a love of tea? what's the tea of choice in your house?