a little blue...

i'm feeling a bit blue today. my parents and grandma just left this morning and after having a very long cry last night (i know, i'm a bit of a baby) and watching my little girl cry for an hour too i'm not feeling much like posting the post i had planned. it's so hard to be apart from your family and loved ones. i grew up in a very small town where i was lucky and blessed to have my parents, both sets of grandparents and uncle/aunt and cousins. it's just such a different life than i had envisioned for my wee ones to only see my folks & their great grandparents once a year or so. it's hard on me and hard on them. it really cements to me how precious the life i had as a child growing up was and how having all that family nearby helped to shape who i am today.

i have learned to cherish the moments i do see them now and hope my daughters will too but i'm still finding it oh so hard to say goodbye and to get back into the ol'routine. i miss my mommy :P

are any of you missing family? did you grow up with your loved ones nearby and now find yourself living far away from them? how do you cope? what do you do to get through those days when you're feeling a bit blue? come chat, i could use some cheering up :)

(i love you and miss you guys already mom. thank you for everything.)