sponsor love - jennyandteddy creation

i'm sending some crafty sunshine your way today ladies! the blue clouds and warm rays have turned to rain in my neck of the woods but all i had to do was take one look at today's post and i warmed right up. jennyandteddy creations have some of the most cheerful, bright and fun agmigurumi patterns i've seen.

candy colors, cheerful faces, bright animals and cute little girls galore...

sweet faces, and soft yarns...

get those hooks ready and let's all make some amigurumi!!!

i've been dying to try my hand at amigurumi and hope to hook up a few of these cutie pies soon! i just can't resist their faces any longer. i think these would be great fun for the girls and also a handy little project to work on while i'm sitting in the car at preschool pickups. do you guys do that too?

jennyandteddy creations patterns are easy to follow and include instructions and pictures along along the way to help you. you can also find free patterns and helpful tips on their blog and jennyandteddy creations can be made and sold as well! wouldn't these be so fun to sell at a crafts fair? adorable!

not a crocheter? jennyandteddy creations also sells handmade dolls as well as patterns. so what are you waiting for...let's all get creating! you can find all things jennyandteddy creations in their shop and their blog.

do you make amigurumi? have any tips to share about the craft? what's your fave amigurumi doll to make?