moments in the mommyhood - free in the breeze

we finally got some sunny weather here on the island and we took full advantage of it. we headed to one of our local tourist attractions "beacon hill park". so gorgeous there and lots of fun for the kidlets at the playground and petting zoo. harper got to see a lot of animals for the first time. she especially loved mimicking the peacocks very loud yell over and over again. and look at my other daughter.....

dressed to impress for the zoo. she was adamant that she had to bring her purse and wear her shades, that of course, match mommies. she even convinced me to buy her a new pair of clip on earrings that thankfully i talked her into not wearing to the park. don't you just love it when they start to show their personalities in their chosen ensembles? so funny!

i couldn't resist posting a pic of this alpaca at the zoo. don't you just get a kick out of his toothy grin? i swear he was taunting my friend amy and i with his coat of hair. i kept thinking of what i could knit out of him and he kept looking like he was guffawing at me.

recognize those jeans? yeppers, jasper is sporting the kneepad jeans i made amy for her baby shower. so cute! harper has now decided she is in love with our friend amy's new baby boy jasper. she would not stop trying to hold his hand and squealing with excitement every time she touched it much to his chagrin.

mackenzie and amy's other son rowan got to brush the goats and check out the new baby pigs along with all the other animals.

we then had some playground & yummy cookie eating excitement (check out amy's deliciously fabulous new blog "family feedbag", it's filled with yumminess galore!)...followed by some impromptu waterpark fun that let's just say i wasn't too thrilled with. i know, i know, it's fun for them but i'm just one of those moms who thinks about the aftermath of the fun and let me just say this had an aftermath.

both kids decided they couldn't resist the temptation of running through the giant water spray. unfortunately this was not in the plan so even though i had packed half our house for our playdate i did not bring mack another ensemble..haha. she was soaked to the bone. she had to walk 5 minutes back to the car drenched in her jeans (not comfortable) with a sweater i had brought that only had 2 buttons at the neck (she was revealing a bit too much for my liking..haha) and once we got to the car i had to strip her down and let her ride nudie baby. omg. i couldn't get the jeans off her due to her being so soaked and the whole time i'm trying to strip her down she's screaming "everyone is going to see my bum mommy! everyone is going to see my vajajy!!!!" it was hilarious. too funny to describe perfectly here. i ended up wrapping her butt in a blanket and then putting her in the car seat while then wrapping another blanket around her. thank god i had a whole bunch of blankies in the car. the fun part was picking up the hubs from work with a sopping wet, nude toddler in the back seat and trying to describe why. priceless.

have you had any of those funny mommyhood moments lately? have your kiddos had to have a "free in the breeze" nudie baby rides home in the car? i love hearing your stories! share in the comments below and let's have a chat ladies :)