Book Review - Little Things to Sew

sunshine, sunshine, come our way!  we've got our hats on & we're ready to play!  sorry...couldn't help myself!  i recently got my hands on a copy of the FABULOUS book "little things to sew: 20 classic accessories and toys for children" by oliver + s designer liesl gibson and it just makes me happy!!!  that sunshine and skipping kind of happy.  so excited and so in love with this book!  it's gorgeous!  the photography is stunning, the patterns are fun and scream liesl with the finishing and attention to tiny details.  you won't be disappointed.

there are projects in the book for every level of sewer and for every season of the year.  from mitts and hats to vests, tutus and smocks!  there's even a puppet theatre and bento box!  hello!!!!!!! so fun!!!!

i think mackenzie looked at the book just as much as i did.  she loved it and chose the reversible bucket hat as our first project. 

the instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow.  the hat turned out great and i think she looks pretty darn cute in it!  you always know when something is good when it passes the "kid test".  sometimes i love things and she doesn't and she loves this hat.  she happily modeled it for me even picking out a bright yellow outfit (skirt and shirt) to match!  don't you just love a 4 year olds fashion fun!  they have no fear.

perfect for sunny days, beaches, parks and outdoor fun!  i love that it's reversible!  i've got a problem choosing fabric for projects because i love so many so having reversible projects are always my fave!  the best of both worlds!  a little peek here, a little peek there.  i even smacked my label on the brim of one side too :)

i can't wait to make more of liesl's patterns!  check these out!

this bag even comes in adult size!  oh my, mackenzie and i could have matching bags!!!!! count me in!!!!!!!

you know i love me a simple and modern quilt.  so fresh!

heck even the appendix is gorgeous in this book!  i love the style and vibe of the book as well.  it's fresh and feels new and modern.  the appendix has helpful information and is easy to understand for even a beginner sewer.  the pattern pieces weren't overwhelming and i didn't hyperventilate when seeing them.  yes, i freak out when things look wayyyyyyy too complicated.  i'm still learning here folks!  i'm always happy to find a book that is accessible and filled with projects that challenge me in a positive way, not in a way that makes me want to quit the project and cry.

if you're looking for some year long inspiration and a beautiful handy and resourceful sewing book to add to your collection make sure to check out "little things to sew" by liesl gibson.  beware may end up with a child that looks like the pic above :P  happy sewing!

you can find lots more info on "little things to sew" here at oliver + s, a fun youtube video here, and all things liesl gibson - liesl & co. and oliver + s here:

watch for liesl's fabric line "modern workshop" out now as well! and if you haven't seen her line of women's sewing patterns - lisette, go check them out now. so pretty!

are you a fan of liesl's work?  what is your fave oliver + s pattern?  fave project in the book? 

P.s. fabric was from on our my fab sponsors - Crafty Girls Workshop.  Check them out!