summer sweater knit along - sign up & the deets!

ohhhh, i'm so excited for this KAL!  i can't wait to get started!  are you guys ready??  you excited too?  so after chatting with you guys the KAL is going to start on june 15th!!  yippee!  i toyed a lot with the end date and finally decided to have us finish september 1st!  i know, it's not too far away, but i really wanted to give myself a goal so that the sweater would be done in time for the fall.  i really didn't want to still be working on this in october and i didn't think you guys would either.  i hope the date is still ok for everyone.  if any of you have concerns maybe we can have an extended finish for those of you who would like an extra month?

i've got some great posts lined up to keep us inspired during the KAL.  we're going to go over pattern picking and yarn choices, as well as gauge and needle size to start and then during the progression of our sweaters we can all chat and share what we're experiencing in the luvinthemommyhood ravelry forum group.  you can find the thread here.  i will also be posting about the KAL on here along the way with some of my pics and thoughts as well as yours too.  so get ready to document your progress folks!

then at the end of our KAL some of you mentioned the idea of having some fun prizes to give away.  i think that's a fabulous idea!  who doesn't love a prize right?  i've already got a few lined up and a giveaway but i would love to have enough prizes so we could have a fun awards ceremony of sorts for prizes like "most complicated pattern"...etc.  if anyone reading would like to donate a prize for the KAL please let me know.  this would be great promotion for your business/shop and there will be a post written about our gift sponsors.  we're looking for knitting related items such as yarns, notions, stitch markers, needles, patterns, gifts and accessories.  just send an email to if you're interested.

i do have a few questions i would like to ask you all though.  when it comes to sharing pictures of our progress i'm sure some of you don't mind posting on your blogs but for those of us who don't have a blog or are on ravelry how would everyone feel about posting their pics in the luvinthemommyhood flickr group?  we can tag them "summer sweater kal 2011" and that way we can all see what each other has accomplished.  part of the fun of a KAL is being able to share in each others handiwork and encourage and inspire each other.  i think this would be the easiest way to include everyone.

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also.....i've got buttons for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!  i love me a button!  isn't she cute?  i hope you like her.  i sketched her out last night.  it was pardon the imperfections :P  you can grab a copy for yourself on the sidebar.

i know a lot of you have commented here and on facebook that you are joining in on the KAL, but i would love to put together a list of contributors.  i'll do my best to cross check those other posts but if anyone interested in joining the kal could comment on this post saying you are in and leaving a link with the name of your blog and ravelry name (if you have one) that would be fab!  that way i can keep track of all you talented ladies!  i'm thinking of doing a post later where we can all share what sweaters we are working on so others can have a great resource list of some fabulous patterns to choose from at a later date and it will be easier to know who you all are now.  what do you think?

ok.....get those needles ready!  go drool over your queue, favorites and bookmarks and start thinking about which pattern you're gonna whip up.  watch out come the knitters!!!

p.s. you can find all the posts about the summer sweater knit along here.