moments in the mommyhood - goofiness all around

here's to long weekends both in the US and in Canada and to lots of laughs, bubbles, sunshine, fun, yummy coffee, crafty goodness, wonderful friends & family.  wishing you all a wonderful long weekend.  i'm not sure if i will pop in tomorrow as it's Canada day here in my neck of the woods and it's also a holiday on monday for our fellow neighbours in the US so i may just be a naughty girl and take friday and monday off!!!!  oh my!!!  a 4 day weekend?  wowsa!  i feel so  i plan on getting on that darn sewing machine if it kills me and also to get some progress made on my summer sweater knit along project.  i ran into a little hoopla with too many increases in one part..must have made an oopsie even though i was being super meticulous but thanks to a good pal i managed to fix my ways and can now start going again.

alrighty, back to the dirty diapers, my 4 loads of never ending laundry, icky kitchen floor, full dishwasher, crabby/grumpy toddler, crumb covered carpet and the many other duties us mom's have. ahhhh the joys of motherhood, i'm sure you can all relate :)

what are you all up to for the long weekend?  any special projects you finished for canada day or for the 4th of july?  whatever it is you are doing i hope you all enjoy yourself and have lots and lots of fun!  chat with you all next week....or maybe sooner cause i'll prolly miss all of you.

*p.s. no babies were injured in the making of this post. daddies were there to catch them :P