moments in the mommyhood - slacker...well sort of...

i'm slacking today.  yesterday was my anniversary with the hubs so i didn't spend all night on the computer...well, ok, i did spend most of it, but not as much as normal.  so this is a bit of a slacker post that i couldn't resist doing because last night at like 10:00pm i found the above awesome of awesome pic on pinterest and could not wait until friday to post it.  i seriously need this blown up on my wall.  i love it that much.  i'm sick like that, i know.  but almost everyday i feel as though i need a starbucks iv and have said it on many occasions on here so i only thought it fitting to share it with all of you.

i also haven't been sleeping well this week.  not due to the kids, they have been sleeping better, but due to my own little brain.  i'm sure a lot of you can relate, especially creative types.  i'm having a hard time calming down my little noggin because i'm feeling so crafty at the moment.  it's the new machine.  it's so nice to sew on i want to sew even more than ever before and the ideas they keep a coming but this momma can't make them.  not enough time in the day.  but those ideas?  they don't leave me alone.  it's like they fester until i get them done.  i even write down ideas in the middle of the night.  any of you do that too?

i've also been having nightmares :(  yes....i'm a loser.  the scary movie i watched the other day (insidious) is seriously still freaking me out.  can this even be possible?  i had nightmares all night last night.....really bad sleep and couldn't bring myself to turn the tv off cause i was so eeby  i think i have too much of an overactive imagination and i also fall into that 1% category from the print above...haha.  i think i seriously need to A) stop watching horror movies and B) think about the feng shui in my bedroom.  i'm not really into feng shui, but hey, if it's gonna help me not freak out like a little baby every night i'm willing to give it a try.

on a happier note wanna see some of my fave pics from my wedding 3 years ago? i love seeing other peoples...i'm nosy like that..haha.  in case anyone is interested we got married in tofino, bc on mackenzie beach. yep.  cheese factor with the mackenzie beach part but we just couldn't help ourselves we love that beach.  it was such a gorgeous day and even though the pics look rainy, it wasn't.  the sun had been shining and a gorgeous mist had rolled onto the beach.  perfect day.

look how tiny mackenzie was?  Awww....

oh, and our anniversary, well mackenzie closed all the drapes all over our condo and insisted we set the table, candles, wine glasses and all and put on romantic music.  she picked out my clothes (she even attempted to choose my bra and underwear which i of course told her was taking it just one step too far), told me how to do my hair and then dressed her and harper.  it was the cutest thing when the hubs walked in the door with flowers and there we all were...i had a good chuckle, oh and the hubs scored major points for the flowers :)

how has your week been?  sleeping or not sleeping?  any of you going to join me and gynnab (fb pal) for some starbucks iv?  c' know you