summer sweater knit along - the needles are on fire!

yes, i am that loser who poses like this :P
the needles are on fire ladies!  well, not really on fire, but hot anyways!  i got a fair bit of knitting done (for me anyways) on my summer sweater knit along project being sick and stuck in bed and i thought i would show you some pics of my progress.  not bad right?  i adore the color and the sizing is good...i  you see, another reason my needles are hot, hot, hot are that the lovely and oh so sweet jane richmond, who i have the absolute pleasure of being friends with, lent me her knit pick interchangeables to use!!!!!!!!!  can we say cowabunga!!!  my knitting speed improved ten fold...not kidding.  what a difference.  huge thank you to jane!!!

Ohhhhhhh, does it match my!
i've been planning on buying my own set of interchangeables this year and i am now officially sold on the knit pick interchangeables (nickel) set and hope to order mine at the end of the month.  i asked around a lot and got info from a ton of helpful people about what their fave interchangeable set was and knit picks was the top "affordable" line to go with.  i heard a lot of mention of the addi turbos but i can't afford those so i didn't even look at them.

pattern: effortless cardigan by hannah fettig
yarn:  berroco vintage dk in color 2194

i tortured the hubs and made him take more pics of me again..the poor guy, two times in one week!  he hates doing it & we really don't see eye to eye when it comes to photographing me.  i wish i could easily tell him what i visualize in my head but no matter what i do we just butt  oh well, these will at least show ya what the sweater is looking like so far.

me smiling when really i am hissing to him "just take the mother f'in picture" as he kept taking close up shots of my cleavage...ahhhh men.  gotta love them!
you can't really tell how nicely the front is draping cause the length of the needle isn't long enough for me to fully let it go.  i'm saving that for knit night when i can use jane's super fab extender (yes, knit picks rocks like that) and i can fully put it on.  i could have put it on some spare yarn but i didn't cause i'm lazy like that :P  and no, that's not some random pulled yarn sticking out of my sweater, i'm also just one of those weird people who doesn't have stitch markers and uses bits of yarn here and there.  i know, so boring of me right?  i think i really need to up my knitting accessory stash.  my sewing one way outnumbers my knitting one now and i think my knitting accessories need some excitement in their lives :P

for those of you who may not know what circular interchangeables are they are simply a set of needle tips that come with different length "cords" that you twist on to your tips.  the fun thing is you can get all sorts of accessories and can add cords to the one you are using to make it long enough to always fully try on your garment.  they are fast to knit with, smooth and so light! i still can't get over them!  i cannot wait to get a set of my own.  i swear i have been dreaming about them at night....sad, but true. 

are you wishing for a set of interchangeables?  what's your fave brand and style to use?  what do you knit with that sets your needles on fire?  how's your KAL project coming along ladies? and don't forget to get your answers in for our "yarn shop hop" & tell your friends too!  i decided to extend it for another week.

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