moments in the mommyhood - orchard of yarns (fibrations festival)

i got to spend some lovely time on sunday at the first "fibrations" festival here in victoria, bc.  the festival was held on the grounds of st. anne's academy in a lovely orchard.  the combination of sunny weather, orchard tress, beautiful grounds and yummy yarns was not to be missed.  the post took me a while to put together as i seriously had wayyyyy too many pics to choose from.  jane richmond and i hit up the festival and got the pleasure of seeing some fabulously talented yarnies, designers and got to hang on the grass knitting under an apple tree.  sighhhhh. 

come take a walk around the festival with me.  here's some of my faves:

say cheese!
rachel jo - lovely accessories & great booth!
Arika - knit night buddy & volunteer at Fibrations
love the look on this lovely ladies face
Kattikloo Fibre Studio - lovely jane admiring the rich reds.
everything old - fab yarns, awesome patterns & we got to meet the designer Emma Galati who's stella cowl pattern is one of my faves!
Sara - fellow knit night pal & one of the Fibrations organizers
Victoria Handweavers & Spinners Guild
apples in the orchard
roving in the trees

it was a great show and i can't tell you how nice it was to go sans kiddos.  i needed the break i tell ya.  so thank you to the hubs for taking the wee ones while mama got to go drool over the yarn.  to find out more about fibrations check out their website or facebook page.  if you were there and had a good time please go share your thoughts on their fb page.  i know all the organizers worked very hard and feedback is a reward in itself!  thanks to all of those who lovingly put this festival together - we can't wait for next year!

do you have a fibre festival you go to?  what is your fave local yarn supplier?  designer?  did you get a break from the kids on the weekend to do something special?