moments in the mommyhood - taking the good with the bad

projects on the go, new vintage pitcher, nook hand knit coffee cozy :)
i've been working on projects galore at the moment accompanied by lemonade from my new vintage pitcher and best friend starbucks dressed up in a fab coffee cozy from my pal rebecca's shop "nook"  (you can find her lovelies on her blog & shop).  i'm finding it hard to tear myself away to get online i've become so engrossed in all the goodies i'm working on.  i've got 3 tutorials coming your way (i know 3!?..hopefully) for sewing with knits mondays.  i cannot even explain how obsessed with knits and stretch i am.  i have made myself a few new goodies and can't wait to share them with you.  best part is they are for us ladies - not for the kiddos.  i was in the mood to spoil myself and heck after a while a busty gal gets sick of tops not fitting "her girls" right if you know what i mean :P

i've been focusing a lot on trying to take the good with the bad when it comes to my girls.  to try to be the best mom i can be without losing my mind.  we've had a rough couple weeks around here with 4 year old emotions running rampant.  i honestly didn't think things could be harder after the terrible three's but heck these f&^@k'in fours (as my girlfriend fondly calls them) are winning that fight by a long shot.  i know there's more than a few of you who can relate and for those of you in the fives please tell me it gets a bit better...please?

our little harper helena mae is getting into everything.  she's figured out how to climb pretty much anything and it's become her new sport.  the little bit of rest i had left during the day is now gone - she's keeping me on my toes that's for sure.  she's running and talking and just plain seems to be growing up way too fast for this momma's liking.  i was looking at baby pictures of her the other day and had a good cry.  i know...i'm sad...but hey, i'm not having anymore babies so i figured it's ok to bawl when looking at pics of her from even a few months ago.  i mean look at those curls?  could those baby curls please stay forever?  they are my fave snuggle spot.

if you've been reading and joining in on the conversations on our facebook page we all had a fun chat about toddlers throwing food yesterday and i couldn't resist sharing a bit about it on here.  harper has decided that as soon as she is put in her chair to eat that she must throw something.  whether it's her water/milk or food she chucks it.  doesn't matter if she's hungry or not, she just loves to chuck her food.  i asked for help.  you guys answered.  we use a big blanket but she's strong enough to throw past it now.  you guys have been a lot smarter than me & have been using old sheets, tarps and the best one of all...shower curtains!  how smart is that!  waterproof & easy to clean!  thanks for the tips guys!

in other exciting news..well exciting to us anyways...our tomatoes have FINALLY started to come in.  the weather has gotten warm enough that our poor deck is now getting filled with yummy red goodness.  we usually have tomatoes taller than our railing but this year...not so good with the weather the way it's been.  but they're catching up.  they seem to be growing like crazy now and i can't keep  for some reason some of our romas are growing like hearts.  it's cute but also a bit strange to bite into little hearts :P

we had some lovely friends come and stay with us the other week and we enjoyed lots of waterpark and sunshine time.  the weather has been nice here finally and we've been hanging in pools and beaches as much as we can with good friends, yummy food and of course, our knitting.  i was shocked when i realized it's already august :(  it feels like the summer has only just begun.

have you been taking the good with the bad too?  any tips for the 4's?  do you have a trick you want to share when it comes to saving beige carpet from messy babies/toddlers?  hope your week in the mommyhood has been good.  share your thoughts below :)

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p.p.s in case you are wondering that's harper's quilt in the first pic and i finally got over my quilting jitters and went full steam ahead with the rows of horizontal lines spaced about a presser foot width apart and i am in LOVE with it.  so glad i stuck with it.  i think it looks fab and i'm just over half way done now.  thanks for all of you who helped with my decision making.