weekend wishes

that coffee could cure my endo.

short weekend wishes today ladies.  mama's dealing with a bad endo day today (just in case you don't know i suffer from endometriosis for which there is no cure).  i'm getting by but just not in the shape to do a weekend wishes.  i have to admit when i have some bad endo days i'm just not in an "optimistic mood" and because i strive to keep things real in the mommyhood i share the good and the bad days with you all.  today is a bad day so my weekend wishes would prolly be ugly to look at..lol and maybe a tad fake cause i would try to make them look pretty for you all and one thing i'm not is fake. 

my house is a disaster.  like seriously a disaster.  i have now resorted to using my one of my kids toys to store my clean laundry in..haha.  i know, i know, but hey...it's clean right?  the carpet is horrible, but the thought of pushing the vacuum when you are in pain and not wanting to move doesn't appeal to me at the moment.  i just hope the baby doesn't eat too much food off of it..lol.  the kitchen floor is just ewww....and my bathroom...well, we'll just leave that one out of it..haha.  i'm sure there are some of you out there who can relate right?

thing is i love a clean house.  i like my crafting area to be organized and tidy.  i think, work and create much better in a spick/span environment but every time i get it all cleaned up an hour goes by and i'm back at square one again :P  aiayayaya.  such is life right?  harper's cutting a whack of molars and her nose is a human faucet so she's cranky and not sleeping good and for some reason because she isn't mackenzie has decided she "is lonely" in her room and coming into ours every hour or two.  needless to say i'm about done with that.  i'll be nipping that in the bud this weekend.  kid is tricky.  i have to outwit her constantly.

today she was eating a snack that came in a little bag and she knows she's only allowed one so instead of getting one she got 2 (without me knowing) opened 1 and dumped it into the other bag so it looked like she only had 1 snack.  who does that at 4??? seriously??  she even hid the evidence and tried to deny it.  said it came like that..hahahaha.  oh man, kids.  i only wish it didn't hurt to laugh right now.

so this weekend i've got knit night tomorrow (to finish my KAL hopefully) and our modern sewing group at the fab "satin moon" on sunday! i'm so excited for that.  it's keeping me motivated right now so i can get a good chunk of my quilt done when i'm there.  i'm aiming to get all the quilting for the top done on sunday.  3 hours of kid free sewing bliss for mama.  yes please :)

i'm wishing you all a restful, happy, healthy and fun weekend!  what are you up to?  sounds like you have all been busy bees crafting on the FB page!  i love chatting with you all on there - so fun!  what things are you doing "for yourself" this weekend?  let's chat girls!