sewing with knits mondays - finale roundup

have you guys been having fun with sewing with knits mondays?  i have!  unfortunately though today is the last day :(  anna and i had only intended it to be for 4 mondays and we ended up having such a good time we extended it for a few weeks but the time has come for it to end....but not forever - maybe just until next year??  hint hint anna :P

i've been so inspired by sewing with knits mondays that i am going to keep going.  they may not be as regular as every monday but i do have a few more tutorials that are already in the works that i'll be bringing to you folks.  i've been working with some awesome organic sustainable knits that i can't wait to show you all as well!  so stay tuned!  the knits aren't gone, they are here to stay!  but in the meantime let's take a look at all the fab goodies that were made during "sewing with knits mondays" from anna of noodlehead, me, and our fabulous guests - katy of no big dill, jess of craftiness is not optional, sascha of piccoli piselli and abby of sew much ado plus our giveaways from lil blue boo and made!  what a month and a half! wowsa! so fun!

the quick tee tutorial by noodlehead

jane with a pop top tutorial by luvinthemommyhood

quilt top by noodlehead

the poppy top: a mini tute by luvinthemommyhood

soho maxi dress tutorial by sew much ado

stretch dress by piccoli piselli

tee by craftiness is not optional

have you been sewing with knits?  here's a few of my faves from our sewing with knits flickr group! make sure to add your pics too!

looking for some more inspiration?  check out anna's post today too for a fun roundup!  you can also see a roundup i did earlier in the year "sewing with knits: tips and tricks roundup" right here.  so my question to you all is...

readers faves:

what are your favorite tips and tricks for sewing with knits?  your favorite tutorials and patterns for knits?  what is your favorite place to buy knits?  please share in the comments below and i'll add them into the post for you all as a handy resource!

so get sharing, get sewing and let's embrace the knits!  it's so easy and fun!  trust me, you'll be addicted like anna and i are!  thanks to all of you for joining in on the fun!  i can't wait to hear from you! also a giant thank you to anna who is the best partner in crime! luv ya girl!

p.s. you can find all my sewing with knits posts here.