moments in the mommyhood - last days of summer

ahhhhh...what a view

beach beauty
we've been trying to keep the munchkins busy for the last few weeks of summer before preschool starts up again.  we attempted the beach on numerous occasions and let me just say it's been hit and miss.  we've learned the kids have to be in the right mood or it's a disaster waiting to happen.  i may have mastered swimming at the pool with them on my own but the beach is still a work in progress.  i did manage to capture this pic though that captured a brief moment of calm during our latest beach excursion (and yes, we hang on a vintage snoopy sheet at the beach...we roll like that).

caught in the act - stealing tomatoes in the early morning daylight

harper has been full of personality lately.  she's picking up new words and is into all sorts of mischief.  she definitely has been keeping me on my toes and making finding sewing time quite tricky these days. i'm hoping once mackenzie is back in preschool her naps will get back to normal again and momma can craft a bit more :)

getting into mischief
hanging in our makeshift backyard :P
this is what happens to a tired momma - you pass out on the grass..haha
we live in a condo that we rent so the hubs and i are always trying to find what we like to call "makeshift backyards" to hang in.  we dream of one day having our own little patch of green space for the wee ones to play in so that every time they need to run it doesn't involve packing, dressing, driving, walking, well..more on my part than theirs but still....i dream of not having to get out of my cozy clothes and find the time to do my hair/face just to let them play outside for a bit.  one day, one day...i'm sure you mommas out there living in apartments can all relate.  life is just that much more tricky to keep kids entertained if you know what i mean and of course, there is more park time and you all know how much i detest hanging at the playground :P and yes, that is me passed out on the grass in the pic above, that's what happens to very tired mommas who don't feel so good in the sunshine..haha.

me and the hubs
bear attack!
we recently hit up victoria's fabulous royal bc museum to check out the IMAX theatre.  i had never been before and we went to see a cool movie called "whales" that we all loved.  the hubs used to be an ocean kayak guide while going to university for the summers so he has a soft spot for whales, orcas, etc.  i couldn't resist posting the pic of the bear cause if you are a friend of mine you know how bad my phobia of bears is.  seriously people, i have almost been killed by a bear about 4 times now.  it's always a close call and they find matter....where....i am.  hate the bears...hate them.

goofing at the imax
in between these happy pics were piles and piles of laundry, dirty bathrooms, messy carpets, unwashed floors, piles of sewing to be done, books to be read, toys to be played with, paintings to be made, tantrums to be had, naps taken, cuddles enjoyed, laughs had and cries had, momma not feeling so hot and momma feeling better, hubby exhausted from studying/work, but all in all, we love each other and we get by just like the rest of you super mommas & daddies do.
i hope you all had a good weekend and this week is a good one for all of us with back to school starting (for some it has already begun), new babies to enjoy (congrats to those who recently had gorgeous babes) and a few more weeks of summer rays to soak in the fun!

what have you been up to?  are you scared of bears too?  what outing do you keep trying but just can't seem to get the hang of?  do you have tips for finding balance during the day?  let's sip our imaginary pumpkin spice lattes and have some girl chat ladies!