Summer Sweater Knit Along - a postponement of sorts

we're almost there ladies!  the finish line is so close!!!!  it was originally going to be this week but after many emails and chats with you ladies i've decided to postpone the grand finale for 2 weeks.  so sept 14th let the prizes roll!  if you are done your KAL sweater make sure to get your pic uploaded to the luvinthemommyhood flickr page with the tag "KAL" so we can all see your lovelies and you are entered in to win one of the fab prizes!  then we will take a 2 week break and start up the next kal.  i'll be doing a post then to gear up for it where we can chat and vote on the theme and project ideas :)

here's my kal so far.  the dreaded border is all done.  phew...what an ordeal that was.  the neck/collar and front uppers were easy, it was the bottom sides that tricked me a bit.  still not sure if one side is correct but it's too late now :)  i've just got most of the last sleeve to finish.  silly thing is i picked up my sleeve stitches on the wrong side and now i have to purl every row!  i had already done it all when i realized what happened and i have to tell you after ripping out so many times with the border that i just want to get this puppy done.  this oopsie was all this tired momma's fault though.  so a purling i will go :)  let's just hope when it's done that it looks like this and not like a big heavy blanket on

i still wish i had been able to afford to use the madeline tosh (mental note to splurge & do next garment with this).  the fabric is just so lovely.  i'm not sure mine is going to drape as nicely but here's hoping the magic of blocking will help those lovely stitches hang all nice and flowy.  i know blocking can be a scary thing for some so next week i'll be having a guest come on and give us all a little how to post on the behind the scenes business of blocking.  i can't wait...i definitely can use some help!  i've only ever blocked baby sweaters so i need some tips to do this one the right way.

Source: via clare on Pinterest

so for now i'm gonna keep on knitting and try really hard not to get distracted by this lovely (a gift for a pal of mine) that i couldn't resist casting on for.........any guesses which pattern it is??

what do you think?  do you like it so far?  how are your guys sweaters coming along?  are you a blocking pro with tips to share?  did you make the effortless cardigan? 

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