celebrate color - what palette inspires you?

i've been busy getting all excited for celebrate color and feeling so inspired for fall!  it could be the lack of a hot summer where i live, or the longing to sip pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks while cozying up in hand knit sweaters...who knows..lol, but whatever it is i'm ready!

the most important part about celebrate color to me is embracing all the different shades of fall and how differently we may all interpret them and create from those shades.  there are so many ways to look at the rainbow palette of fall so i thought i would be fun to share a few pics from a recent trip to one of our fave "makeshift backyards" that got me very inspired while picking out my palettes for my celebrate color tutorials. (what are my palettes? you'll have to wait and see..wink ..wink..)

how about some purples...mmmm....cool, calming...with hints of grey....

soft whites, with warm butter undertones...

bright pinks with flashes of red...

and who can forget the juiciness of orange and red!

 make sure to pop over to "stitched in color" today as well for some more info on celebrate color, the rules, how to enter and more!  we'd also love for you to sport a button & show your luv!  here ya go!

Celebrate Color

Celebrate Color
are you all feeling inpsired for fall?  are you planning on joining in on "celebrate color"?  i can't wait to see what you all are going to whip up!  so.....c'mon, spill the beans...what's your fave fall color palette?  let's get inspired together :)

all images copyright luvinthemommyhood