mama's got a new baby!

i have a new baby.  she's soooooo purdy!  i've been waiting on the edge of my seat for a few weeks to tell all you fab ladies all about her!  to say i love her is an understatement. 

right when i was having the crappiest week ever dealing with  my head injury, on the day before we went out of town, the lovely postman brought a special delivery to my door!  wrapped in pretty tape from jordana paige was my very own "Rio Bag"!!!!!! seriously....i squeal every time i think about it.  mackenzie thought i had gone off the deep end as i ran around the house squealing wearing my new bag like i had just won the lottery..haha.  and yes, i am that much of a dork :P

this bag has changed my knitting life!  that's right folks, jordana paige is the insanely talented designer of one uber fabulous line of knitting bags, needle cases and patterns.  i've been coveting one of these lovelies for a very long time.  made from vegan croc leather and nickel hardware in the loveliest of blue shades i knew the rio was the bag for me. 

 it's large but not too large, comfy to carry, fit everything but but my kitchen sink in it and trust me...i carry around a lot of stuff on a daily basis!  when i took this thing on our trip i had 4 knitting projects in it, 3 magazines, a hard cover book, my big wallet, lipsticks, cell phone, accessory case, business cards, sunglasses, spare yarn, journal, 6 patterns, mug cozy, my full set of knit picks needles, and the list goes on.  that seriously all fit in there.  the divider pocket in the middle kept my purse like essentials separate from my knitting goodies and gives just that much more organization to what would usually be a very messy bag for me.  the rio even has needle holder pockets running across the bottom of one side to hold all your knitting needles/crochet hooks as well!  it's mind blowing..haha.  best part was i didn't feel like i was carrying around a big suitcase.

this bad boy also comes with these ingenious circlets from keeping your yarn from tangling as you are working on your projects and even one for your keys!!! hallelujah!!!  i am always losing my keys!  my other fave feature are the drawstring sides.  depending on how much stuff you have in your bag you can extend or tighten the sides to fit all that yummy yarn and also the front flap as two snaps to attach to the bag based on how full it is as well.  hello??? could it be any better???

the rio bag has a shoulder drop of 12 inches and feet on the bottom to keep your pretty bag from getting all dirty at knit night or in the car.  it's also got a removable zippered pouch that's just perfect for unsnapping when you just want to run a quick errand. fab!

the rio bag may be designed for knitters by a knitter but it also works fab as a diaper bag (trust me i've already used it for that too), a camera bag, or just a fab all around bag!  it's stylish, classic and modern all at the same time and i love her :)

my rio showed all wrapped in this white bag with an adorable illustration of all the awesome things she can do as well as a lovely letter from jordana.  i love it when things come with personal touches like that.  jordana paige offers a line of 6 other bags to choose from as well.  you can find all things jordana paige here:

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want one for yourself?  you can enter celebrate color this month for your chance to win your very own rio bag in the "yarn" category! good luck!

do you have a bag that you adore?  how do you keep your knitting or purse goodies organized?  are you a jordana paige fan like me?  come chat purse love ladies!