a sewin' and a knittin'

robots by david walker
i finally decided that i couldn't stand listening to poppy the pfaff cry herself to sleep out of loneliness so i hopped on the sewing machine this weekend.  i have to admit that after not sewing for almost 3 weeks it felt a bit weird and strangely like an aerobic workout...lol.  you see when i knit i can rest at the same time.  i cuddle with the kids, watch tv, listen to music, knit while we are in the car, while i wait for mack to get out of preschool...etc if i get a chance to knit i usually do.  i always bring it with me usually wherever i go.  the one thing i don't find knitting to be is aerobic.  it's a mental workout and it's also very relaxing and meditative.  but don't get me wrong, i also find sewing to be equally relaxing but i definitely realized how much more physical it is.  i mean i was in a sweat.  all the ironing, cutting, sewing and more ironing...wowsa!  i forgot just how involved it can sometimes be :)

(both prints part of the heirloom collection by joel dewberry in voile). 1. ornate floral in amethyst by joel dewberry  2. opal in fuschia by joel dewberry  
i've never gone this long without sewing so i guess i just never realized the difference between my two favorite crafts. i was pooped after my little sewing explosion.  i made 4 little teeny baby gifts during my sewing workout (but can only show you teasers until i give them to the pretty momma) and that lovely joel dewberry voile (this stuff is so gorgeous & soft) shown above is an upcoming tutorial for you all ladies! so excited about it!

alexander henry pirate pups in light blue
i love making wee baby goodies.  especially newborn ones.  i get to make pressies for both a boy and a girl right now and it's been so fun!  they are just so tiny and sweet!  i've been having a great time picking out baby goodies to knit and sew.  it's actually quite addictive because the projects don't take very long at all and the end result is just so darn cute!!!

and of course i could not resist hitting up a yummy sale at a local yarn shop on the weekend with my knit night girls.  we all managed to escape our mommy duties early and head out for some yarn splurging, dinner out and knit night fun!  thanks to all our hubbies for taking care of the kiddos so we could have a wonderful afternoon/evening sans kidlets :) it was tons of fun!

i can't wait to show you all my finished goodies...hopefully sooner than later cause it's killing me not to post them..haha.  what are your favorite baby goodies to sew or knit up?  do you have a standby project you always use?  have you been a sewin' and a knittin'?  leave me a comment below and show off your crafty projects!