Carefree Cowl Knit Along - done already??!

i have a secret to admit!  i'm already done my cowl! i know....i can't believe it either!  i chose the oh so cozy "gap-tastic cowl" by jen geigly for my pattern choice and knit it up using some super chunky lion brand wool ease thick & quick.  i cast on last wednesday and finished it on saturday night at knit night! now that is my kind of knitting pattern!

i had originally picked up 3 skeins of my yarn but ended up only using a skein and about 3/4's of the 2nd one.  i'm short and don't have a long neck so any wider and this bad boy would have looked like a neck brace on me...haha!  i would guess it'a about 8-10" wide (height)?  i highly recommend trying it on as you go to see what size works for you :) i adore this cowl though and have worn it everyday since i cast off...even around the house.  it's super warm, super cozy and the perfect accessory for our coastal winds here in victoria.

i had a quick impromptu photo shoot with the hubs so pardon my somewhat boring pics..haha.  the ones of me with it wrapped double didn't turn out very flattering so i opted to use a cowl action shot from some upcoming pics i'll be showing you soon.  see...that's little ol' me on a hay ride loving my cowl!!!!

i've also got a button for you all to sport inspired by the gaptastic cowl project pic!!!!  do you likey?  i couldn't resist sketching away again to keep the drawing goodness going for our knit alongs :)  it's so fun for me!  so if you wanna show your love for our super fun knit alongs grab a button here or on the sidebar.

so since my first cowl is done i decided to keep going and start a second one.  when rebecca posted her choice - the bandana cowl by the purl bee i fell instantly in love.  i'm still really drawn to the stockholm scarf but it just needs way to much yarn than i'm prepared to splurge on right i figured a one skein cowl was the way to go.  i love the idea of this cowl and both becca and i are super excited to see how it's going to turn out! 

i picked up some yummy berroco vintage chunky to whip mine up in.  i love the berroco vintage line.  super soft, durable and also affordable to my budget...especially when you hit a sale!  i haven't cast on yet but i plan to as soon as i can get this bad boy wound :)  i recently learned how to do a center pull wind and need some serious practice at it i tell ya!

i have to say the response to this knit along has been amazing! you guys have been awesome and it's been so fun watching you all chat away in the ravelry forum!!! i love it!  i love that we can all connect and inspire each other as well as have a great time too!  it's very addicting!

for those of you who are wanting to join in and haven't yet there is still time!  you can join in anytime before the deadline which is november the 9th.  sign up here:

you can find all things "carefree cowl knit along" here:

feel free to add any pics you like to the flickr group and the ravelry thread.  we love seeing your progress, yarn pics and finished items!  you guys are superstars!  some of you are on your 3rd cowls already!!!  make sure to head over to "nook" as well to see my partner in crime rebecca's carefree cowl post today.

in other news i have to give a quick shout out to all you jane richmond fans. she just released her newest pattern yesterday - audrey!  i've been watching this gorgeous cardigan take shape over the last few months and let me just tell you it's gorgeous!  i was also lucky enough to get to help her name it! it seriously made my year!  so if you're looking to keep the sweater love going this fall i highly recommend this super squishy, adorable garter stitch cardigan that reminds of the classic styling of audrey hepburn.  a must have for every girls wardrobe!  i'm already picking out yarn :) 

what cowl did you choose for your pattern of choice?  any lovely yarns you've been using?  are you done already too?  have you blogged about the kal?  leave a link in the comments below..we'd love to see it!  let's chat knitting ladies!!!