Book review - Micro Crafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share

Micro Crafts: Tiny Treasure to Make and Share by Margaret McGuire, Alicia Kachmar, Katie Hatz and Friends
you all in the mood for some tiny love?  sick of making large scale projects and feeling the need for some teeny weeny crafty goodness?  well this is the book for you!  when quirk press contacted me about doing a review of their awesome new book "microcrafts: tiny treasures to make and share" i was in! it's filled to the brim with mini fabulousness!  compiled by some totally creative women (margaret mcguire, alicia kachmar and katie hatz) and their equally as creative friends this book is sure to have a project to suit anyone.  from bloggers, etsy shop owners, graphic designers to editors this book features a savvy array of inspiring women and their micro crafts of choice :)

this book really does highlight that "small is beautiful".  i have to admit that i am normally not a fan of this type of crafting but this book changed that for me.  it's inspiring to just look at the whimsical, bright and modern photography and it makes me want to whip up at least half of the book.  microcrafts is what i like to call "stylishly addicting".  you just want to jump in and fill your home with tiny objects of beauty.

a fair amount of these projects would also be tons of fun to do with kids too.  in fact my kidlets haven't stopped looking at it...they love it!  even the 17mth old will sit happily for 5 minutes oohing and ahhing over it!

there's a ton of ideas ranging from jewelry, dolls, stuffies, party decor, to miscellaneous fun!
i was super delighted to see holly of chez beeper bebe in here with a monster babies project & adorable mini dogs complete with beds, bones & toys as well!  love her blog!

i mean could you go wrong with speech bubbles for your food,  party hats for your snacks, spool dolls, handmade cards and awesome covered button earrings?

the best part of this book is that it's designed to use up all those odds and crafty ends you have kicking around the house.  little treasures to make that are all no larger than a spool of thread. microcrafts features easy to follow step-by-step instructions & bright cheery photos.  i swear you can make more than a few projects from this book with just some fabric scraps, recyclables and yarn. hello?!  sounds good to me :)  microcrafts is a great place to dive right into the wondrous world of microsewing, microcrocheting & even microgardening...yes i said microgardening!! it's amazing...there's even a project to make a potted plant in a macrame holder!!!  seriously so cool!

so jump in to the world of microcrafting with "microcrafts: tiny treasures to make and share". the world of all things crafty & small is super fun!

you can find all the fabulous ladies who contributed to this book here:
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claudia cormier -   |   elizabeth duke -
sarah goldschadt -   |   larissa holland -
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holly keller - chez beeper bebe   |   colleen lemons -
mei pak -   |   mel sparkles -
jessica trail -   |   hope watthanaphand -
nadia marks wojcik - ready go paper studio & oh, hello there

are you into microcrafting?  what's your fave tiny craft to make?  leave a comment and let's chat all things teeny!