moments in the mommyhood - island life

we spent our thanksgiving weekend up island (we live on vancouver island) visiting family/friends.  part of that time was spent on gorgeous quadra island where jer's folks live.  a peaceful, quiet and absolutely beautiful piece of british columbia nature.  it always inspires me being there, the landscape is so gorgeous you just can't help but photograph it like mad.  so i apologize ahead of time for all the copious pics in this post.  i couldn't resist sharing our little holiday with you all.

my wee ones got to run wild in the forest & along the ocean shore with their daddy, grandma/grandpa & auntie.  it was a joy to watch them run free.  not something we do often enough when you live in a city.  even an outdoorsy one like the one we live in.  life just seems to get in the way.

jer's folks run a bed & breakfast on quadra island called firesign bed & breakfast so if you're up their way check them out.  nanci is a very talented painter (studio at the b&b) and tracy makes the most amazing cigar box guitars (hard times musical instruments)! they're awesome to play!  he even makes kid's sizes.  mackenzie adores hers and grooves with it often :)

my only complain was that we didn't have a longer break.  i could have used a full week instead of 3 days.  but isn't that true for all getaways?  i mean who would want to leave this kind of view? man, i love canada :)

i also got to do a lot of this.  it was a sheer pleasure to be spoiled by everyone and get to actually have some rest to help with my concussion.  i really needed to just take it easy before jer starts his studies again the next week or so.  i was like a cat just lounging wherever i could.  sipping coffee, eating yummy gluten free goodies, getting spoiled by the hubs, having some laughs, knitting up a storm, cuddles with the hubs, and all in all just being a family. 

the kids seemed to love the car ride too.....not!  hahaha, oh well.  there's always next time right?  i have to admit i did not enjoy our car ride home in a rain storm so bad we could hardly see the road. i knitted like a mad woman the whole way home to keep from freaking out.  not my cup of tea if you ask me :)

what's your favorite kind of getaway?  do you have wee ones who can't stand road trips?  any tips?  where's your special place to escape to?  do you like to craft in the car like i do? come chit chat with me :)