moments in the mommyhood - road trip!

Image from the 2010 Meet the Hilfigers print ad photographed by Craig McDean

we're baaaaack!  that's right...we were gone :P  we hit road on friday morning for wee getaway to visit family & friends up island for thanksgiving.  we packed the car full, grabbed our timmie h's to go, put our fave tunes on and away we went.  this was harper's first road trip and the first one that mackenzie could really remember.  needless to say it was filled with good times and not so good times in the car...haha.  harper did awesome on the way their - mack did not.  mack did better on the way home - harper was so/so.  both girls loved the adventure of it all and especially the ferry ride to grandma's house.  all in all we had a wonderful time.

i got to rest more than i have in like 2 years i think :)  it was so nice to enjoy the quietness away from the city, hang with good friends & steal their king size bed (let me just say that when you have 2 kids that sneak into your bed often getting to sleep in a king size is like winning the lottery, it was amazing), eat lots of yummy food (turkey included), breathe in fresh island air, stroll the beach, knit like crazy, nap, read a whole book and have lots of laughs.  the best part was letting the kids run wild in the yards.  we don't have one so seeing them run around like crazy in the outdoors and just have fun was a sheer joy to watch.

we had rain storms, wind storms, gorgeous sunshine and yep...i guess what amounts to island weather :)  it wasn't long enough that's for sure and now we are back after what seemed like a way longer ride home in very slow moving traffic and bad weather to do lots of laundry, get unpacking and grocery shopping - basically real life.  we miss the hubs already.  we feel so spoiled having had him around for 4 days in a row and he took such very good care of the girls for me while i rested my poor sore noggin.  you're the best you.  ok...enough of my mushy to business.

i'll be back tomorrow (hopefully if my head let's me) to announce the next knit along so get those needles ready!  woot woot!  i've also got lots of pics to show of our trip and some other goodies to share your way :)  so stay tuned ladies! in the meantime i wanna know how your weekend was?  what have you been up to?  any other canadians have a yummy gobble gobble weekend?  happy thanksgiving to you all that did!  so come chat...whatcha waiting for...i've missed you so!