moments in the mommyhood - resting is hard...

so the doc has given me strict orders to rest more (in case some of you missed it and are wondering why things are slow and weird around here i got a concussion almost 2 weeks ago and now have post concussion syndrome). that is pretty hard when you are a busy mommy of 2 kiddos.  don't get me wrong, i LOVE my kiddos but i strongly believe that every mom needs a break sometimes and yes...some rest.  it's good for the soul.  we are so involved in taking care of everyone's needs around us that it is very easy to forget about ourselves.  it took my 4 year old asking me as i had a little cry in the car after my doc appt "who is going to take care of YOU mommy?" (she had heard the doc giving me my that i realized that i have to take care of myself too.  who is going to take care of my loved ones if i fall apart?  i have a husband but he works during the day and studies at night and mackenzie knows what his schedule is like so she strongly assured me in her little voice that she would take care of me and not too worry.  so sweet my wee one.

it can be hard when you are feeling overwhelmed and ill to find the time to ask for help.  i will admit i personally suck at this.  i don't ask for it as much as i should.  but with not a lot of family in town and very little income for childcare it becomes very evident that "mommy's don't get sick days"....even when it involves their poor injured brain :P  i can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for those of you whose husbands/partners are away on duty.

so as much as i wanted to kick off the new knit along today i am taking a "rest".  i figured i could show off some of the knitting goodies that i've been working on as i lay feeling sorry for myself on the couch wishing i could be blogging or sewing instead :(  this weekend is the canadian thanksgiving and our little family is taking a break.  not sure how much i will pop in for the rest of this week but i will be back on tuesday of next week and the new knit along will be announced on wednesday :)  woot woot!

i am going to attempt to rest as much as i can...or as much as a mom of 2 can rest :P  the hardest part is letting the house go and keeping the kids occupied.  i appreciate all your wonderful tips and games that you suggested on the facebook group for me.  i used a few and it worked great!  anything that allows me to sit still longer than 5 minutes is awesome!  this post concussion syndrome is rough i tell ya :(  i haven't touched my sewing machine for almost 2 weeks! it must be a record!  

and also in case you missed this guest post for the lovely jenny from "the southern institute" for her "meals kids love" series earlier in the spring you can find me today over on "simply modern mom" for the fab tiffany as she takes a maternity break with her new wee one.  i'm sharing one of our fave lunch recipes that my picky eater enjoys - toasted tuna for two!

have you had one of those mommy light bulb moments lately?  what do you do to take care of "you"?  do you have any tips/games i could use to help the kids have fun while i stay  hope you all are having a wonderful week! come chat with me...i'd love to hear from you!

p.s. you can find all my knitting goddies on my ravelry page here and in our luvinthemommyhood ravelry group here too!