moments in the mommyhood - the end of the 'stache is near!

oh's that big folks.  that giant, hairy thing above my hubbies mouth is his mustache.  it's nasty...and guess what..this pic is from a week ago at least! creeps me out so bad ladies.  each night when he falls asleep all i want to do is shave it off.  i did study barbering in hairdressing school so maybe he wouldn't even notice me doing it?? 

he keeps threatening me that he's not going to shave it off....i'm scared folks...scared.  this momma is shakin' in her boots!

i mean look, even the kids are scared of the thing!!!

we had a good friend come and stay with us the other weekend and my hubby and him so sweetly took the kids out all day one day so i could get some serious rest for my back.  these are all pics they brought back for me to find on the camera.  they also brought me back starbucks, dinner, and some ps3 games to play!  how awesome are they?

we love it when visitors come to stay at chateau!

i love these shots of big sis helping little sis.  rare moments that these two are getting along and not fighting.  oh man am i nervous for when these two are teenagers.

i even got to check out some pics of mack whooping it up at her soccer game.  cold...but fun!

i love how happy she looks here..

and i'm dying to know what caused the look on the kids faces!  maybe it was the shock of the size of my hubbies mustache??? i'm so thankful it's so very close to december 1st and i can have my non-porn star, non dirty cop, non creepy man hubby back...hahahaha....sorry hun :P

so what about you guys?  did the rest of you manage to survive movember?  are you all as happy as i am to see the hairy caterpillars go?  let's chat 'stache mo'sistas!

p.s....for all you sewing lovers i've got a great and oh, so talented guest poster coming on next week with a to die for tutorial!  so stay tuned...i  haven't forgotten about you all.  i figured since i can't sew right now i would enlist the help of others to help feed your habit!