moments in the mommyhood - surviving movember

i'm taking a low key day today but i'll be back tomorrow with a carefree cowl knit along post and a special mommyhood 911. i'm still on bedrest here and it looks like i'm on the down low for a while...i'll fill you ladies in on that later though :) in the meantime you guys know that one of my fave things about my hubs is the little surprises he leaves me on our camera.  he likes to take the kidlets on saturdays for me to give me a break to rest and sew (lately it's been mostly resting due to my screwed up head and and then a few days later i'll upload the camera to our computer and find little jewels of their adventures with daddy.

they are always funny little snippets & videos of what trouble & mischief they all got into while mommy was at home :P  like chasing and cornering a poor innocent peacock...who does

do you guys know what "movember" is?  well if you do you'll know why i'm now scared of the month of november.  i'm scared that my cutie pie hubby is now going to look like an aging porn star.. or a cop from god...the pics below are just the beginning and i can only imagine what he's gonna look like by the end of the month...oh scare me!  it's a good think it's for a good cause.

you can find more info on movember here and my hubbies movember page here.

in the meantime fill me in on how your week is going.  are any of you going through the "movember" scenario?  what have you all been up to?  sewing?  knitting?  i'm going through sewing withdrawl big time so share your pics...i'm dying to see what you've all been making.  come chat...i could use some cheering up :)