moments in the mommyhood - view from the daddyhood

daddy and the camera have struck  j took the kids out on the weekend for a good ol'run around at the park.  this is the evidence of their fun.  eating dirt, jumping in mud, swinging their hearts out, and just plain good ol'daddy & me time.  i love seeing these pics and they are even more fun to find on the camera later when i don't know they are on there.

our little harper is sure a mischievous one just like her big sister.  that humorous spirit runs strong in this  she's always looking and watching and soaking it all in......

and mackenzie, well she is mackenzie.  always up for a good adventure, some fun and lots of laughs.  she never ceases to amaze me with her energy and her big smile!  always up to mischief this one..but good mischief.

we've had a rough few days around here.  you know those days where little things just keep driving ya nuts or going wrong? yep..had a few of those around here.  oh well...i figure after a few days of that must mean some good things are coming my way! i had to pull a few sarah jessica parker moments from "how does she do it" scenarios but we survived and i feel a bit proud of myself for making it through...gibbled back and all.  now to make it to the weekend.

we're coming up on jer's exam on friday and boy am i counting down the days.  it feels like this last module of studying he's been doing has taken forever.  crawled by to be exact.  i managed to get almost all of my xmas cards done yesterday though...a miracle as i had to address them with both kiddos helping and trying to allow them to be involved without destroying my cards or pictures.  what an adventure that was to say the least.  now to finish the holiday crafting/shopping.....hopefully :) i can't believe it's only like 11 days left till xmas! seriously?  when did this happen?

how's your week been so far?  any of you having "one of those days" too?  let's commiserate  have you been holiday crafting? what are you making?  let's chat, this momma could use the company today.

p.s. thank you to all my loyal and lovely readers for being there for me this morning.  you all know who you are and i wish you could all know how much your comments meant to me.  i love this blog and i love all of you and i hope we can continue to be honest and open with each other and that this remains a happy place to share in our good days and bad days of mommyhood :)  big hugs to you all!