glerups giveaway - seriously the best slipper ever!!!

*This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for your entries.*

"warm is a place called glerups"....and ohhhhhhh....does it feel good!  my tootsies have never been happier.  i recently got to review these wonderful 100% wool felted slippers from glerups and they are ahhhhmmmazing.

now when i say ahhhmazing..i really mean it.  i am super picky about what goes on my feet.  i hate wearing socks, actually i never wear them, and don't even own a pair of slippers because i can never find ones that don't irritate my feet.  so when i saw how and what glerups makes there slippers i knew they had to be mine.  so in love.  they have not left my feet except for when i am in bed.

glerups slippers are "ease and cottage style comfort all year round". no hands required!  these puppies are super duper soft and have a cushy no slip sole.  glerup's was started in 1993 by nanny glerup and these awesome slippers are made from glerups select wool and then gently soaked in water, made into a sock and than steam felted to the shape of a foot.  soooooo cozy!  "the wool is treated naturally, and the product is followed closely, all the way from the animal to your foot".  these puppies are so natural they actually shed for the first few days and you have to pluck off the fibers. 

my favorite part about glerups (besides them being super stylish and modern) is that the wool is self cleansing.  the woolen fibers are totally waterproof and sweatproof.   that's right, sweat can't even penetrate the fibers. so cool.  glerups work best when worn against the skin.  "the qualities of wool become entirely unique when worn directly next to the human skin, and we recommend you to use your shoes on your bare foot".  they are so soft and cushy.

warning.....and this is even on the packing...these slippers are super addictive!  just a heads up :P

want a pair of your own????  yeah?  weeeee......cause you're in luck, the lovely folks of glerups have been generous enough to let me give away a pair of slippers today!  woot woot!!! ready to enter?

the prize

- one pair of glerups slippers (slipper style only)!!!! thank you glerups!

how to enter

- due to blogger recently rolling out the new threaded comments i have lost my numbered comments making it tricky to do giveaways.  i've decided to have you guys enter your name/email in a google doc form instead.  when you enter your info you are designated a number by google doc based on when you enter.  this will be the number i use to correlate to your name when the winner is chosen.  make sense?  if you have any questions just ask me below in the comments.  click below to enter the giveaway:

the rules

- unfortunately at this time this giveaway is open to *Canadian Residents Only*.  for those of you outside of canada you can also purchase and check out glerups at
- giveaway is open until january 30th, 2012 midnight, pacific standard time.
- you must enter a valid email into the entry form or you will be disqualified.

glerups also has a wide array of other styles of there products such as shoes and booties.  the boots are adorable!  love them as well!  go check them out...but remember...they are addicting :)

good luck!  what is your fave kind of slipper to wear?  are you picky about what you put on your feet like me?  which style/color of glerups do you love?