mustache cup cozy tutorial

would you like some 'stache with your coffee?  a little mustache luv to dress up your coffee cup?  remember movember and the mustache that invaded my home for a month? yep, that's right...the giant caterpillar like one that greeted me every morning and night on my hubbies cute face, was so fun to tease my hubby in our house about the 'stache that i decided to gift him a little pressie at christmas so that we can always remember "the 'stache".

i had pinned a cup cozy with a mustache on it months ago and finally got around to making one.  so no, this isn't my idea..but i couldn't really find a tutorial that i liked to make one so i figured i would share a little template and mini-how to make a mustache cup cozy of your very own! 

you ready to rock the 'stache?  keep those hands toasty warm in style! let's get making!

||  WHAT I USED  ||
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (worsted weight/10ply) in colorway 240 (green)
Brown Felt & brown embroidery floss

felt in color desired for mustache (approx. 5"w x 4"h depending on desired size of mustache)
embroidery floss
sewing needle
knitting needles

1. Following the "mug hug tutorial" (from one of my besties rebecca) or any knit/sewn cup cozy pattern of your choice, knit up your lovely cup cozy using your desired yarn color - I personally think bright colors look much more fun for this kind of cup cozy :P  I used a thicker worsted weight yarn for mine.  This is the fun part where you can let your creativity go wild! Go handlebar, or curly or do a caterpillar style like mine!

2. Print out this template for the 'stache (don't scale the image) I used or sketch out a mustache of your choice.  Cut out your felt and fold your piece of felt in half lengthwise.  Cut the paper mustache out and pin to your felt along the center line shown on the template.  Cut the mustache out of your felt.  I used brown floss for my mustache.

3. Using 3 strands of embroidery floss held together stitch the mustache onto the center top area of your mug hug using a running stitch (or any other decorative stitch you may desire).  Trim your ends stick that bad boy on your starbucks and admire your handiwork!  This cup cozy is a guaranteed conversation much fun!  Best part is the hubby can still sport his 'stache....just not on his face :P

don't knit?  don't worry...check out this post from my pal buffy on how to paint a 'stache right onto your coffee mug! so cute!  or you could simply use the felt mustache and attach to a sewn cup cozy of your liking.  whatcha think?  you likie?  i think i'm gonna steal it and use it too.  i think a few more are on the horizon at our house :)  i think mine should be pink

happy knitting and stitching!!!  i can't wait to see if you guys make any!  please add your pics to our flickr group so i can get a looksie at your wonderful handiwork!  any questions just shoot me an email at