The Audrey Dress - Violette Field Threads Pattern Review

Pattern: The Audrey Dress by Violette Field Threads
Fabric: Lark Charisma Blush by Amy Butler (from Stitch Simple)

i was finally reunited with poppy the pfaff over the holiday break and boy did it feel good.  i missed sewing soooo much and i especially missed poppy (pfaff amibtion 1.0).  it was really hard to go that long without sewing a stitch on my machine.  when my physiotherapist gave me the green light to do a little bit of sewing i jumped right into my stash of new amy butler fabric (from my awesome sponsor stitch simple) and got to work making the audrey dress from the uber-fabulous shop & sponsor "violette field threads"!  it was the first pattern that caught my eye when i visited their awesome & oh, so pretty website.

something about the simple lines with a modern edge that still had that feeling of retro to me drew me in.  it was definitely a must make for me.  mackenzie had been super disappointed that i wasn't able to make her a christmas dress to wear this year so i whipped this bad boy out the night before xmas eve so she could sport her new dress for all the family in town the next day.  it seriously was so fast to make and super easy.  a great beginner dress for all you new sewers out there and definitely a fun/quick sew for the more advanced.

i think she likes!
i've made a few things in my past for mack that have gone unworn except for one occasion but this wasn't the case with this dress.  she loves it.  it's right up her alley.  super comfy, stretchy, flowy and nothing that bugs her.  she's pretty picky about seams and feel of things on her body.  the only mods i made to the dress was to only use 1yard of fabric.  i made the sleeves a tad shorter than what the pattern called for to accommodate this.  i also could have made the elastic on the sleeves tighter but that would have bothered her for sure.  she tried it on and told me where she like it. 

i also did a double top stitched hem and added my little label.  i have a soft spot for those.  gotta love a little bit of detail here and there. 

the pattern instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  there are also pictures all throughout the instructions to clearly show all the steps which i'm always appreciative of due to being a visual learner.  i also find these types of thorough details great for beginners who don't always know "the lingo" of sewing.

the pattern size ranges are also fabulous.  almost all of the violette field threads patterns go from toddler to older child.  the audrey dress covers 12mths to 10yrs!  you seriously cannot beat that for the price.  i plan on making this more than a few times over the next few years :)

so pop on over to violette field threads to check out their awesome collection of patterns ranging from tops/bottoms/dresses to accessories & flowers!  so much eye candy!  it's hard to choose just one:)  i'll be making another one of their patterns soon and can't wait to show you all! 

some of our xmas pics
did you make any holiday dresses for your wee one?  have you made any violette field threads patterns yet? which one is your fave?  what do you look for in a dress when you have a "picky preschooler"? let's chat sewing!  it's so nice to be back!