weekend wishes

to get my sewing mojo on...

img src: luvinthemommyhood
to learn the low down on lenses...

img src - kevin & amanda
to get lost in my rocky coast cardigan at knit night...

img src: luvinthemommyhood
 to get to play with these...

img src: luvinthemommyhood
that my new yarn swift will be arriving soon...

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and to get outside and move now that i can walk again.

img src: lululemon
so excited it's the weekend! woot woot!  i've been missing the hubs like a school girl.  it was so nice having him home and i really found the transition from the holidays to real life tricky this year.  i can't seem to get back on my regular sleeping schedule.  i keep staying up way too late at night watching bad movies and knitting..lol.  needless to say i definitely need coffee in the morning :P

i got some happy news from my physiotherapist this week....i now get to try to do a few things without wearing my belt 24hrs a day!!!! woot woot!  closet here i come! i've been wearing the same 3 shirts the last few months to try to cover the horrible contraption and all the "rolls" that come along with it.  i've been enjoying the few hours a day now where i can wear my normal clothes and feel like i lost 20 pounds..lol.  i can't do too many things yet but i am able to sew in small amounts and i am allowed to walk again.  exercise here i come!  it's gonna feel so good to be able to get out moving again.  it's been way too long since i've been able to walk around/stretch and do anything involving exercise.  i have to baby my back and still take it easy but it also means i'm on the way to recovery! yippee!

i will be whooping it up at knit night this weekend.  i haven't been able to go for like a month and i have BAD withdrawal.  i cannot wait to see my ladies and have a night out with some good laughs, chats and of course - knitting.  we'll also be working on some more early spring cleaning in our house that didn't get finished over the holidays and spending some time playing some games and having fun.  i've got some more goodies coming your way next week as well as the announcement of our next knit along! so stay tuned!

i'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with blue skies, coffee, family and lots of good times!  what are you up to this weekend?  what did you get crafting this week?  any good news that you've received since the new year?  let's chat...it's friday!