makin'it in the mommyhood - dress up crowns!

Tutorial: Dress Up Crowns by We Wilsons
Fabric: 1001 Peeps, Villagers Lavender by Lizzy House

right before christmas i couldn't resist whipping up the girlies some dress up crowns.  the tricky part for me was a) sewing even just a little bit on the machine with my back and b) making these right in front of them without them figuring out what they were.  i did it though!  mack was very curious but i managed to persuade her that it was something for a project for the blog and i didn't know what it was going to  she sure was surprised to see it on christmas morning! 

i had pinned a dress up crown tutorial from we wilsons and it just got stuck in my mind.  it took me a few months to get to it but i never forgot about it.  i've never been into sewing crowns but for some reason her lovely aesthetic caught my eye and i knew i had to make them.

i'm sure glad i did!  the girlies love them and so do i.  i have been known to sport one here and there....every girl wants to feel like a princess every once in a fact i just may make myself a mommy sized one :P  you guys won't tell anyone right?

i used the lovely 1001 Peeps Villagers Lavender  by lizzy house that the girls love.  they think it looks like aladdin and princess jasmine :)  and who could resist putting some pretty lace trim adorned with pink princess beads?  not me!  i stitched the lace on before finishing up the crown and when i was done all my sewing i hot glue gunned on those beads.  those puppies ain't going anywhere.  i don't think i ever glued something so much as those  hopefully they will last at least a few months :P  so far harper hasn't noticed they are on there which is what i was going for.  a subtleness that mack would love and harper wouldn't pull  just perfect to be worn while dancing, singing and telling secrets to each other in.

and if you can believe it i had to show these pics of looks like she is sad/mad but nope, she's quite happy she's just busy  this is what she looks like when she is singing.  i swear the kid gets right into her music, she is giving it her all in these pics.  jer and i just die laughing everytime she gets in her "groove" - she even uses her hands.  so cute!

here's some shots of the dress up crowns....

my favorite part is the jewel in the princesses head wear.  i couldn't resist doing that and only did it on mackenzie's.  this was one fun project to make and the nice thing is the tutorial over on we wilsons also has many different templates you can use to make crowns...even boy ones!  i loved it!

are you into dress up crowns?  have you made any lately?  share some pics!  i'd love to see them!  i hope you all had a great weekend!  fill me in...whatcha been up to?