moments in the mommyhood - technical difficulties

we had some technical difficulties around here yesterday.  or i should say my laptop did...and then some pictures i needed got lost in the abyss called "recycle bin" by accident so the hubs got to pull a superhero act and redeem himself for deleting them by rescuing them and also my laptop.  i made him watch the bachelor for half an hour as  poor guy.  in the meantime while i work away on the posts that were supposed to be ready here's some pics of the hubs and the kids latest adventure.  please note that these were taken on an oddly warm day and that's why the kids aren't in winter, and yes, mackenzie's hat is too small for her head.  it's a baby hat that she refuses to NOT wear anymore. ah the joys of kids :P

getting ready to get into mischief...
bouquet for mommy!
the expression on harper's face kills me in this shot.

time for laundry...hahaha.  yep, they always come home flush faced, laughing and very dirty.  that's what outings with daddy are for.  i have never been able to let that go....i always envision the cleaning and laundry while they are doing it and can never refrain myself from stopping them...i know, i know, it's good for them but that's just something that mommies are for i  someone has to maintain balance right?

hopefully my laptop will behave today and i'll be back tomorrow with the announcement of our newest knit along!!! woot woot!  anyone have any guesses on what it's gonna be?  oh and quick you guys prefer to add pics to the flickr group and/or ravelry group or would you like for me to set up one of those link party things?  my only worry is that i think you  need a blog to enter the link party as it links to your post.  how do you guys feel about that?  i guess those who don't blog could enter their pics to flickr/ravelry instead? ok, so excited!  can't wait!

so ladies are you a "try to keep the kids somewhat clean" or a "let them get as dirty as they want" kinda mommy?  got any tips you can share about  how us sticklers for staying clean can let go a little bit?  i'd love to hear them!  happy tuesday!