techie blues & crafty news

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coffee's on...but my computer isn't :(  having some technical issues again all last night and this morning.  my poor laptop doesn't seem to be staying connected to the internet.  not sure if it's my wireless or my laptop.  gotta get the hubs to figure it out tonight.  in the meantime the post that i had planned for today will have to wait for next week which bums me out because i was super excited to show you all.

super troopers cross stitch from pixel people
i'm going to spend this extra "unplugged" time working on trying to find some way to choose my hat and mitt patterns for the "warm up to winter" knit along.  i keep changing my mind over and over again.  so many patterns, too small a yarn  i made a promise to myself that i would have to use my stash and i have to stick to it.  i'm also still trying to get done my cross stitch of super troopers from pixel people for the hubs bday this month.  we'll see how that goes and i'm super excited that i'll also be working on this....weeeeeeeee!!!!

sunki by figgy's
that's right....sunki is in my house!  so excited to make this dress and i have the perfect fabric for it.  i'm making it in harper's size and can't wait to show you all in my upcoming pattern review for figgy's. i also decided on a quilt pattern for mackenzie's quilt.  i'm waiting on tad more fabric and then i'm whipping out my old frenemie the rotary cutter.  let's all cross our fingers that this time the cutting goes much smoother :)  hopefully hers won't take me as long as harper's did to complete because my quilt has been waiting patiently for me since xmas of 2010.  i'm making it out of dream on and my bedroom has been waiting for it forever!

we're heading over to a friend of mine's today to pick out some fabric for a custom designed laptop bag and a new wallet!!! eeeeeee!  gotta a love a little fabric party! my pal is uber talented and makes the most fab bags!  she's going to be one of or newest sponsors and i can't wait to tell you all about her but in the meantime i'm keeping it hush hush until the big reveal :P  so even though my computer is acting up at least i can drown my frustrations with technology with some good ol' sewing, yummy fabrics and cozy yarns!  and the icing on the cake - snuggles from my 2 cuddly girlies!  best thing to brighten up my day!

what are you all up to today? did you all notice that blogger has enabled threaded commenting now!  i am soooooo excited! now i can reply direct to each comment! as a blogger this makes my life SO much easier.  wordpress has had this functionality for ages and it's about time blogger got it too.  now to find out a way to get my numbered comments back....anyone figured out a new hack yet?  i've got a giveaway coming soon and need me some numbers :)

hope you are all having a great day!  fill me in on what you've been working on.  are you sewing or knitting? have you chosen your pattern for the kal yet?  are you joining in?  let's chat!