weekend wishes

that the mail i've been waiting for comes today...
image source - this is why i'm a geek
to snuggle up in a bed covered in quilts.

kate winslet's room in the movie "the holiday" via between naps on the porch
that knit night doesn't get cancelled due to snow...

that if the snow comes i can catch the kids loving it while i watch warm from the window...lol...j/k...ok kinda...

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and to one day wallpaper a wall in my craft room with this awesome knit stitch...

img src: fargerike
they are predicting snow here this weekend...ohhhhhh.....i'm excited, nervous and dreading it all at the same time.  don't get me wrong, i don't hate snow.  there is a time and place for snow for me.  i mostly just dislike snow.  i dislike grey, freezing, dreary, gloomy, icy, slushy and miserable snow that shuts the whole city down so i'm stuck inside for days on end but i adore fluffy, beautiful, blue sky, snowmen and snowball fights with hot chocolate kind of snow.  rarely do i get to experience the latter.

i grew up in a small town in northern british columbia where a good junk of our year was spent buried in snow.  burying your house out, your car out and yourself out of sidewalks and more.  sometimes you would get so much snow the windows would be covered.  as a child it was awesome...as a teenager and an adult i dreaded it and really just longed for sunshine and blue skies.  i don't ski (too clumsy) and am just not an outside snow kinda gal.  i'm the one who'd rather be at the lodge in front of the fire, sipping a hot toddy, knitting  whilst watching everyone else freeze.  but hey...to each their own right?

i do hope it snows...just a tad...for the kids.  they are super excited about it and mackenzie is def not her momma when it comes to snow.  she wants to ski and is very athletic.  i like to watch from our condo window as they frolic with the hubs in our parking lot making snow angels..yes, parking lot...we have no yard and when you live in a city in a condo that's what you get when it snows...lol.  i love the idea that i can go down and play for a few mins and then be the mommy who has marshmallows, warm blankets and hugs waiting upstairs to hear all their stories and to see the red cheeks and happiness in their eyes.  on the rare occasion though...i do make a mean snowball and will never, ever turn down sledding!  i love me a steep hill and a flying saucer!

due to the way our city handles snow i'm expecting the roads to close down and the sidewalks to be uncleared and us not being able to drive.  i'm so hoping it doesn't get this bad or the snow at least waits till sunday so i can go to knit night...lol and so my wee one can go to her soccer game...brrrrrr.....just thinking about all this snow has me wrapping a blanket around me and pulling my knitting out.  stay tuned next week...the adult mallory pattern is here and i LOVE it! can't wait for you to see it!

are any of you a gemini like me? do you only love half of snow...muahaha?  oh man..sometimes it's so hard to be a gemini...i can never make up my mind <3.  what are you all up to this weekend? whatcha working on?  whatcha making? whatcha baking?  whatcha planning?  come chat...let's use the heck out of the new commenting system.  looking forward to hearing from you lovely ladies and i'm wishing you all a warm, lovely, happy, hot chocolate or skinny mocha, cuddle filled weekend! xoxoxo