make it sew modern book review & giveaway!

you guys in the mood for a giveaway today? i am!  woot woot!  i was so excited and over the moon when i found a while ago that my bloggy pal vanessa christenson of "v and co." had a book coming out!  she was one of the first people i started chatting with in this bloggy world and she was also one of our "moms in the mommyhood" so i am super proud of her and so excited to have her book "make it sew modern" on the blog today as a prize and as a new addition to my own collection!  congrats vanessa!!!

vanessa's new book is filled with eye candy and sewing goodness galore.  staying true to what makes us all love her blog and shop her impeccable sense of style just oozes off the pages.  you can see vanessa everywhere and i just love it when a book stays true to the artist who wrote it.  it's her mojo of sorts.  from the color palette of her projects to the attention to details for each project in the book vanessa has put together a modern and very fresh collection of sewing projects.

the book "make it sew modern" is separated into 4 sections: gather, twist, pleat and texture, and the book covers everything from jewelry, accessories, home decor clothing and bags!  wowsa!  the projects are perfect for every skill level with a budget in mind.  vanessa's signature love of pillows and flowers resonates throughout as well. i love all the pillows vanessa makes and thankfully there are at least 4 pillows in this book my fave being the chic modern pillow.  along with pillows you can find effortless scarves, rings, totes and bracelets!

1. chic modern pillow 2. cascading spring scarf 3. market/beach tote
and let's not forget the quilts!!! i'm just dying over the applique doily quilt shown below! you know how i love me a doily!!!

the book has project geared to every skill level as well so don't be nervous or timid if you are a beginner sewer.  vanessa's instructions and the accompanying illustrations for each project are clear, concise and well laid out.  her section on tips, terms and techniques covers everything from applique stitches, binding, to machine ruffles and gathers, pillow corners and straps.

1. all season scarf  2. picture perfect dress 3. decorative balls 4. throw pillow with frosting
i think "make it sew modern" would be a wonderful addition to any sewers bookshelf that is looking for a variety of projects that are fun, gorgeous and stylish to boot!  you likey?  you ready to win one too?

- one lucky winner will win a coy of "make it sew modern: gather, twist, pleat, texture" by vanessa christenson of v and co. thanks so much vanessa!

- i'm trying out a new way of entering giveaways. i've decided to have you guys enter your name/email in a google doc form instead.  when you enter your info you are designated a number by google doc based on when you enter.  this will be the number i use to correlate to your name when the winner is chosen.  make sense?  if you have any questions just ask me below in the comments.  click below to enter the giveaway:

- giveaway is open until february 26th, 2011, midnight PST (pacific standard time).
- you must have a valid email address or you will be disqualified.

flower ring
good luck everyone!  and thanks again to vanessa for the lovely book and the giveaway!  so excited and proud of you!!!! you can find all things vanessa christenson here:

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are you a fan of vanessa's?  do you love her style?  have you gotten your hands on a copy of "make it sew modern?  what did you think?  what was your fave project in it? let's chat books ladies...i know i'm not the only crafty bookworm out there :)