moments in the mommyhood - some cheering up

i had to have some not so pleasant lady experiences at the end of last week that were not so fun.  as some of you may know that are long time readers on this blog i suffer from endometriosis and it ain't fun :(  anyhoo, i've been feeling pretty crappy and thought i deserved some cheering up :)  the shoes above found their way home to me as well as a new matching nail polish - you likey?  i also got 2 new bras to hold my now weaning girls up.

we're on day 4 of the weaning and boy has it been rough.  i don't remember it being so hard with mack.  she seemed to be so proud of herself and told everyone she was a big girl now and didn't need boobie anymore.  harper - not so much.  she's taken the angry road.  on saturday if i came anywhere near her all she did was scream her brains out and literally would not let my husband put her down.  i couldn't touch her or even talk to her.  i cried and she cried.  it's hard for me to wean this's my last baby and i really feel super emotional about it.  i've always loved breastfeeding and her reacting so aggressively has made me even more emotional.  i keep thinking maybe she isn't ready but i know deep down we both are.

she will be 2 in may and i wish i could slow down time for my little baby.  she's smart as a whip this one, a quiet thinker with a playful soul.  i just want to hold onto her in this stage for a bit longer.  i feel like the end of breastfeeding is the end of the baby phase and then's all about daddy.  they don't need me  stupid hey?  oh well.  the tricks mom brain plays on us.  i'll get over it but in the meantime bear with me if i moan and groan a bit about the return of my boobs and the loss of the baby phase.  thankfully the new bras cheered me up.  at least "the girls" are up where the sun shines and not drooping sadly towards my belly filled with  tmi? ladies with big jungas will know what i'm talking

we've had hints of spring mixed in with our chilly weather here.  plants are sprouting up and even some of the flowers on my deck are starting to poke their weary heads above soil.  the hubs and i got to go on our first date together in like 2 years.  yes, it's been that long.  it's horrible.  we use to go once a month but somehow it's just gotten the best of us.  it was sooooo nice to go out without the kiddos (thanks cami) and to have an actual adult conversation.  we have a rule on our dates - no kid talk.  we try not to discuss the kids or chat about them directly.  we do that enough at  we like to make it all about us.  it was a lovely few hours of bliss that we definitely needed especially now that the hubs has started overtime again for work.  tax season is just around the corner - yuck!  

i've been working away on my rocky coast cardigan but in my obsessed state decided to work on my sleeve after a procedure on friday and needless to say it probably wasn't a good idea...a bit of drugs can alter your knitting state.  i messed up my sleeve and now have to rip back a few inches.  darn it  i wish i wasn't so picky about these things cause i would be done the stupid cardigan by now...haha.  but i love it too much to not make it as perfect as i can do it.

i feel like i'm floating in a sea of cables....see what i mean?

aren't they purdy??  i'm also working on a new sewing pattern for you guys using this lovely and oh so darling print from birch fabric from their new line - commute.  this print is called by bike and it's designed by jay-cyn for birch fabrics.  you pick up some of this awesome new line at birch fabric creator cynthia's fabric shop - fabricworm.  it's 100% organic and super soft!  i'm loving it and i cannot wait to release the pattern asap.  i also realize in this picture that my iron is in need of a serious  crappy ironing job iron.  i'm all out of linen spray and am really missing it.  i think i've been using it so long my iron is going through withdrawal.  it doesn't know how to function without it now.  what kind do you guys use?  anyone recommend a fave?  i really need to get some and don't feel like making it myself.  would love any tips :)

by bike from commute by jay-cyn for birch fabrics
what are you guys working on?  how was your weekend?  any crafty mishaps happen at your house too?  did you catch the season finale of downton abbey?  i just have the xmas special left and let me tell you i'm dying to watch it! the hubs has decided he doesn't like the show so i after i watched the last regular episode i didn't have a chance to sneak it in on the weekend. soon though...soon...i must know what happens with lady mary....ohhhh, the romance of it all!