moments in the mommyhood - still alive

hand knitted rug/blanket from le souk
hi you guys.  just popping in to say i am still alive.  i survived yesterday which was honestly one horrible day.  so i'm happy to still be standing.  it ain't fun taking care of two wee ones alone while you are feeling sick and have had no sleep.  darn stomach bug.  it's taken over our house and i'm just plain sick of getting sick.  after the kids being sick last week and now me, we are sure sick of vomit in this house. anyhoo...enough whining from, i just wanted to say that the "warm up to winter knit along" post will hopefully be up tomorrow and if not will be up next week.  so sorry for the delay you guys. feel free to keep knitting :)

in the meantime i have done none of it.  yep, you know you are sick when you do absolutely no knitting or sewing.  and in case you are waiting on emails from me, i'm so sorry.  i am horribly behind in my inbox and i'm trying to catch up when i can so please don't think i'm ignoring you. ok, off to get as much rest as i can with  see you soon <3

in the meantime i'd love to hear what you guys have been working on?  show me pics, link up to your posts, leave me a comment.  i love seeing what crafty goodness you are all up to.