how to's for knitting in the round: guest post on "the southern institute"

Hi everyone!  I'm super excited to be over on "The Southern Institute" today to chat about knitting. You guys know I love knitting.  Knitting is fun, relaxing, rewarding, inspiring and just plain awesome.  A lot of people get discouraged when they are new to knitting.  They sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with some of the techniques that there are to learn but really, once you learn the basics you are good to go.  So when Jenny asked me to pop over and visit  today with some helpful how to's for knitting in the round I was thrilled.  I'm all for getting people addicted to knitting!

so pop on over and say hello to jenny and i and pick up those needles!  there's nothing to be scared of about knitting in the round!  happy knitting & i'll see you tomorrow :)