weekend wishes

that i could convince my hubby to believe in valentine's day :P...
img src: honestly wtf via a cup of jo
to get the back of my cardigan done...
img src: scandinavian retreat
that my house does not end up like this one day...
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to float in the ocean...
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and that this nasty stomach bug leaves our home once and for all.

so sorry for the quiet week this week. this darn stomach bug that has invaded our little house has really taken a toll on this mama.  2 upcoming tutorials have been put on hold amongst a few other projects i have on the go.  the worst thing for me when i'm ill (besides trying to take care of the kidlets & of course, being ill) is knowing i can't work on them.  i swear i hear them calling to me.  i live in a condo so i can't escape them...my quilt is on the wall begging to be squared up and sewn, i've got two patterns to finish drafting that are almost sewn, 3 sweaters & a pair of mitts to finish knitting, among a gazillion other goodies i have to get done.  any of you get the same longings when you're sick?

this weekend i plan on resting, resting and more resting (i've been in bed before 9 every night-it's a record in this house).  mixed in with finishing up those 2 tutorials for next week, hanging out with my knit night gals for some good laughs, cuddling with my hubs and playing a fun filled match of junior monopoly with my wee ones.  oh how we love junior monopoly in this house.  it's so fun to be able to play one of my fave games with my oldest now.  it's great for their math skills and boy oh boy do we get competitive in our house. it's a good time. 

i'll be catching up on my inbox soon so for those of you awaiting emails from me i'm so sorry that i'm so far behind.  it's gotten the best of me while i've been under the weather.  i'm wishing you all a sunny, fun, game & crafty projects filled, cuddles galore kind of weekend.  thank you for all of your kind messages and emails this week.  i <3 you guys.

what are your weekend plans?  what crafty projects are you trying to finish up?  what is one of your favorite board games to play with your wee ones?

p.s. don't forget to get your entries in for the charmstitch fabric giveaway - some lovely fabric goodies to be won!