moments in the mommyhood - truckin' along

happy monday everyone! how are you?  hope you all had great weekends :)  it's been so busy around here on the blog that i realized i haven't posted any pics of the fam lately.  of course the kids and i all getting hit with a stomach bug didn't help  so here's some pics of what we've been up to lately when we haven't been ill.  lots of rain, lots of boots, some snow, some beach fun, some outdoor good times and some...well...i'll let you check it out for yourself :)

a majority of the pics were ones i just recently found on our camera courtesy of the hubs and his "moments in the daddyhood".  if you are a reader of the blog you know that's a common thing that happens in our house.  my hubs takes the girls out on little adventures and takes pics that i don't know about.  then when i go to upload the pics the next time i do a shoot i find all sorts of wild photos of them gallivanting all over

i'm starting to feel a bit better now but still really tired.  we've been busy getting my oldest registered for kindergarten and learning to deal with all the emotions, as a parent, that you go through knowing your first born is going into kindergarten.  where we live kindergarten is 5 days a week for full days.  i'm gonna miss my little mischief maker but also know she is more than ready to go to kindergarten.  i'm also getting excited for march.  a few girlies from my knit night and i are all heading on a wee adventure over to vancouver for fibres west.  yarn, the city, good friends, a hotel stay (weeee!!), shopping, meals out and just being in my old stomping grounds is going to be such a fun treat.  it's also going to be my first time away from my kids for a night!  i'll prolly bawl my eyes out but at the same time this momma is really looking forward to a little getaway - especially one filled with yarn!!!

what have you been up to?  how was your weekend?  do you go on any little getaways with your girl friends?  any yarn events you know of british columbia that are worth checking out?  let's chat...coffees on <3

p.s. tomorrow i've got a brand new sewing pattern for you all!!!  it's something special i've been working on since xmas that i hope you are all gonna love so stay tuned!